DIY Pegboard Cross Stitch Wall Art

When the cool weather comes around, we find ourselves wanting to stitch everything – maybe it’s because the inherent cozy vibes that come from yarns and other fibers. We’ve even figured out how to incorporate it into wall decor, with this pegboard cross stitch! This project is perfect for adding personality to any space, and because it’s so easy, you can adjust it to fit any color scheme, style, or other preference. We love the look of this floral pattern, but we’ve done the same thing with a geometric pattern, which is equally eye-catching! Keep reading to learn how to make your own!

Supplies needed to make your own pegboard cross stitch:

Pegboard (this one is about 48″ x 24″)
Yarn needle
Floral cross stitch template (keep scrolling to access!)

There is really only one step here – follow the template (each square represents an X) to stitch the design on your pegboard!

Tips for creating pegboard cross stitch wall art:

  1. Stitch on the brown side of the pegboard to make it feel more fall-ish, or stitch on the white side for something brighter.
  2. Use a variety of weights of yarn for added dimension and visual interest.
  3. Make a faux cross stitch pegboard with paint, like this DIY Painted Cross Stitch Art, to achieve the same look without using any yarn.
  4. Create your own design by coloring in each square on a table. Make a copy of this blank table to make your own – just make sure the number of rows and columns match your pegboard.
  5. Use picture hanging strips to hang the pegboard without putting holes in your wall.
  6. Use pegboard art to fill large walls without spending a lot of money.

Happy crafting!
xo, Liz

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