DIY Mini Rainbow Piñata Party Favors

In our first book, The Making It Guide to Crafting, we had a blast making mini piñatas in the shape of fruit slices using paper plates (you can see a video showing how we made them right here)! We firmly believe that anything mini is instantly adorable and we love the ways that piñatas make any celebration a party. Plus, making mini piñatas with paper plates as the base could not be easier since there is no paper mache or cardboard shaping required! So, with St. Patrick’s Day approaching with all of its rainbow trappings, we decided it was time to try a different version of these cute rainbow piñata party favors, and the shape of the paper plates lends itself perfectly to a rainbow!

These mini rainbow piñatas are so fun as a party favor or invitation (you could put your party details inside), or to make as a project for a colorful crafternoon. You can watch a quick video of how we made them below to get your bearings and then you’ll be ready to whip up your own! Here is what you’ll need:

Supplies needed to make your own DIY Mini Rainbow Piñata Party Favors

Paper plate (ours were 9 inch)
Streamers in various colors
Hot glue gun + sticks
Candy for filling

How to make your own DIY Mini Rainbow Piñata Party Favors

Step 1. Using scissors, cut slits into the streamers to create fringe. Set aside.

Step 2. Using scissors, cut the paper plate in half.

Step 3. Using the glue gun, line the rim of one of the paper plates with hot glue and press the same side of the other plate onto the glue to connect them. Connecting the plates will create a pocket.

Step 4. Fill the pocket with your desired candy.

Step 5. Glue a piece of streamer over the opening of the plate pocket to close it. If desired, add a few more streamers on top to ensure that the candy will be secured inside the plates.

Step 6. Begin layering the fringe pieces on the plate, securing them with hot glue. We started on the straight edge of the plates beginning with the white streamers and working up toward the rounded edge with the other colors, doing approximately 3 strips of fringe for each color.

Step 7. Once you have attached all of the streamers to one side, flip over the plate and repeat the process on the other side.

That’s it! Aren’t they they cutest?! They will be so fun for St. Patrick’s Day, or any colorful celebration! We filled ours with chocolate coins for St. Patrick’s day but you could fill them with notes, treats or confetti!

What crafts are you making for St. Patrick’s Day? We’d love to hear!

Happy making!
OX.  Sam + Liz

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