Colorful DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes

If you are looking for a basic clay project to try, today’s is a favorite. These colorful DIY clay jewelry dishes only need to be flattened, placed in a bowl and baked — and any design elements you might add are a bonus! We’ll show you just how to do it.

Have you ever made anything with oven-bake clay? We have quite a few projects that use it here at the PLG and every time we work with it our love grows! That might be because it’s affordable, accessible, comes in every color imaginable and you can use it to make projects that are as simple or as complex as your can dream up! Plus, it’s a great medium for kids to craft with because it isn’t super messy and they can let their imaginations run wild with all of the possibilities of what you can make! All we’re saying is, if you are going as stir crazy being inside as we are, run to your nearest craft store and grab a couple of oven-bake clay bricks and have yourself a little crafternoon. We promise you’ll have the most fun!

Here is what you need:

Supplies needed to make Colorful DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes

Oven baked clay (we used FIMO Leather Effect Clay but any oven-bake clay will work!)
Clay roller or rolling pin used for crafting (clay is not food-safe)
Clay cutting tools or disposable plastic knife
Small oven-safe bowls
Cookie sheet

How to make Colorful DIY Clay Jewelry Dishes

Step 1: Pre-heat oven according to the temperature on your clay package directions.
Step 2: Roll out your clay until it is about 1/4″ thick.
Step 3: Add design elements to your rolled design:
-To make striped bowls, use the cutting tools to cut the various rolled-out colors into strips. Then, lay them side by side and roll them together until connected.

-To create a terrazzo effect, chop up small pieces of clay and press them into your large rolled-out piece. Then, press the pieces into the clay by rolling the clay roller or rolling pin over  them.

-To create a marble design, roll several colors into a ball. Then, work the ball with your fingers until the colors begin to swirl, then flatten with the clay rollers.
-To create a swirled design, roll a ball of clay into a snake-like shape, then press the rolled piece into the rolled-out clay.

Step 4: Once you have rolled out your desired your design, place your small bowls face down on top of the clay. Using your cutting tools or knife, cut around the outside of the bowl to create a circle and remove any excess clay.

Step 5. Carefully peel up the clay circles and press them into the bowls.

Step 6: Place the bowls with the clay inside on the cookie sheet and bake in the oven according to the directions on your clay package.

Step 7: Once the baking time is up, remove the cookie sheet from the oven and let the bowls cool before handling them.

That’s it! I reeeally want you to try this one. Working with clay is so soothing! The colors and textures just get me and you can’t beat working with your hands! Plus, our kids get SO into this which is always a win. We call them jewelry dishes but if you are making them with your little ones they are great for Lego figures, Hatchimals and other tiny treasures!

Have you every worked with clay? What did you make? We’d love to hear about it!

Happy making!
ox. Liz & Sam

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