How to Make DIY Candy Kabobs for St. Patrick’s Day

Admittedly we’re not big St. Patrick’s Day celebrators around here, but with what has seemed like an endless winter coupled with pandemic life, we’re finding we’ll take any reason we can get to hang a party garland and up our sugar intake. So, today we are sharing a simple and fun way to get festive for the luckiest holiday of the year — St. Patrick’s Day Candy Kabobs!

We made similar kabobs to these for a pizza party a couple of years ago and we love that they can be a dessert, an activity or a favor! You can put them together beforehand or have your kids put them together as a fun project — all you have to do is find all of the green/rainbow/gold sugar you can, stick them on some skewers and cuteness will ensure. Here is what you’ll need:

Supplies needed to make St. Patrick’s Day Candy Kabobs

Wooden skewers
Chocolate coins
Assorted green candy and/or marshmallows
Rainbow sour ribbons
Hot glue gun + sticks
Foil sheets (if desired)

How to make St. Patrick’s Day Candy Kabobs

Step 1. Begin sticking the candy onto the skewer in your desired pattern. For sticky or gummy candy, we recommend making a hole in the candy first with an extra skewer to help it slide onto its skewer a little easier. Leave room at the top of the skewer to attach the chocolate coins.

Step 2. To attach the chocolate coins, place a dot of hot glue on the back of the coin and press into the top of the skewer. Once the glue has set, repeat this process with another coin and press on the other side of the skewer to cover the tip of the skewer.

Step 3. If desired, create a tassel at the bottom but cutting a 3-inch wide strip of foil. Cut fringe into the bottom using scissors and wrap around the base of the skewer, attaching with hot glue.

Pretty fun, right? These kabobs could be left by your family’s sneaky leprechaun or could just be a fun new tradition that you could make together. Whatever you do with them, you’re sure to make everyone around you feel lucky!

What are your St. Patrick’s Day traditions? We’d love to hear all about them!

Happy making!
ox. Liz & Sam

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