How to Make a Ticket Paper Chain Garland

It’s here! The last project in our series of paper chain projects! If you missed any of our previous posts (our two paper chain backdrops, the paper chain wall hanging, the paint chip garland and the paper chain cake topper) you can scroll to the bottom of this post to see images and links and get your paper chain on in a BIG way! (You can also watch our segment about them on Studio 5 right here!) We have loved finding new ways to create with this elementary school craft, and this last post is just the TICKET: It’s a ticket garland!

This is such a fun idea for a carnival party, movie night or Oscar party, or for any party where you are looking for easy and adorable decor with a fun graphic element! You can find tickets in all kinds of colors online (we found ours here) and in party and office supply stores, so you can make chains to fit any color scheme you are going for! On to the tutorial!

Supplies needed to make your own ticket paper chain garland:

Hot Glue + Glue Sticks
Tape for hanging

  1. Rip tickets into strips of 4 tickets.

2. Wrap into a ring and apply a dot of glue on one end of the loop. Press the other end of the ring into the glue to attach.

3. Slide another strip of tickets through the first ring and make another ring and secure with hot glue. Repeat until your chain becomes your desired size.

4. Hang chains on walls and tables, using tape to attach.

That’s it! You’re ready to party! Don’t you love the bright colors and fun graphic element that using tickets can add? I love the idea of using all the colors, or going more monochromatic for a big design impact. Plus, it’s SO easy to put together. I mean, you don’t even need scissors!

Happy partying!
xo, Liz & Sam

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