A Fun DIY Peg Board Game for Kids

This DIY Peg Board project was originally created for Consumer Crafts.

Kids are back in school, which means I have a little bit more time to myself, which is very good. Because if you’re anything like me, when summer comes around you feel equal parts excitement and fear. It’s such a magical time with all the sunshine, popsicles, and outdoor play, but it can also be super daunting keeping your kids engaged for those {sometimes LOOOONG} three months. One of the best tricks I have found is incorporating open-ended play in our routine – toys or games that can be played with a variety of ways. One of our favorites is this DIY Rainbow Peg Board Game for kids. You can use it for building, sorting, matching, counting, making patterns, and more! And on top of that, it’s beautiful to have displayed on your toy shelf. It’s the perfect boredom buster that is fun and simple to make. Keep reading for the tutorial!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY Rainbow Peg Board Game for Kids:

Wooden pegboard
3/8 inch dowels
Wood beads (3/8 in hole)
Non-toxic craft paint
Hand saw

Step 1: Cut the dowels into 1.5 inch pegs. Cutting the pegs to 1.5 inches makes it so you can stack beads and pegs on top of each other. Sand any rough edges. Note: This version uses 30 pegs, but you can decide how many you want based on the size of your pegboard. If you use a different pegboard, make sure you use dowels and beads that will fit correctly.

Step 2: Paint the beads and pegs (30 of each) with non-toxic craft paint so that it’s safe for kids. Let the paint dry completely.
Step 3: Stick each peg in the pegboard, and slide each bead over a peg. Then sit back and watch the kids flock to this beautiful, open-ended game! I stepped away for one minute and when I came back, my two kids and their two cousins (from age 2 up to 7) had flocked to it and were having so much fun making towers and moving the pieces around!

Happy crafting!
xo, Sam

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