Top 10 Easy Fall Crafts

This post was originally published August 2019 and updated as of August 2022.

In this post, we’re sharing a list of our top 10 easy fall crafts! There’s decor, gift ideas, and other projects for kids and adults. Keep reading!

Top 10 Easy Fall Crafts

Once school starts I feel like I’m one of those wild bulls being held behind a fence in a bull-fighting ring in Spain or something, just waiting to be freed. Not because I’m looking to impale anyone, but because I’m ready to spew fall all over all areas of my life and I CAN’T WAIT. I want to wear fall things, I want to eat fall things, I want to cover my home in fall things, I want create fall things.

So, if you’re like me and are ready to get into the ring and start bucking (yes, this is a bad metaphor but I feel the need to continue), then here is something we hope will take the edge off: A list of ten of our favorite easy fall crafts from the PLG archives. Let’s do it!

1. Make Pie DIY Apron

Fall is PIE season and everybody should know it! Our “Make Pie Not War” apron is perfect for sending the message of love through pie-baking (the truest form of affection possible!), plus, we think it’s real cute.


2. Striped Maple Fall Wreath

This fun wooden take on the typical autumn wreath will add some fun interest to your front door. We love the bold stripes and think your porch will, too!

3. Woven Fall Wall Hanging

We are obsessed with woven wall hangings and love the way they can make a room feel cozy with their texture and style. Plus, once summer is over, it’s so exciting to bring in shades of pumpkin and mustard (like we did for this one) to give your decor a fall feel!

4. DIY Pie Slice Boxes

These DIY pie boxes will add such a fun touch to your fall gatherings! Just cut, fold, and fill with a slice of delicious pie to send your guests home with a true slice of fall happiness!

5. DIY Sweater Weather Mug

Sweater. Weather. Doesn’t that phrase just give you feelings? There’s a chill in the air, leaves are starting to change, and fiiiinally we can put away our summer tees and get cozy in a sweater! This mug is a perfect way to celebrate this delightful season and it couldn’t be easier to make!

6. DIY Floral Pumpkin Vases

Pumpkins are iconic fall decor and we love this prettiest floral take on the typical orange variety. All you need are a couple of simple supplies like a plastic pumpkin and some floral paper and your pumpkin game will be upgraded in a gorgeous way!

7. DIY Upcycled Fall Wall Art

We love the oversized Farmhouse print trend with everything from scripture verses to pages from a beloved novel blown up in a pretty piece of art! This take on the trend uses a favorite fall poem and an upcycled cork board to really make a statement!

8. DIY Fall Favorites Embroidery

Calling all crafters who loooove getting cozy once the weather turns cool and can’t wait to sit back with an embroidery project! This project is the perfect way to welcome in all of the happiest parts of fall with a list of some of our favorites!

9. DIY Stenciled Mum Pots

Mum season could not be better! I love seeing those happy little domes of yellow, orange, crimson and plum popping up on people’s porches! These stenciled pots are the perfect little homes for your fall mums and can be ready for planting in a snap!


10. DIY Fall Favorites Pillow

One of the easiest ways to bring in some fall elements to your home is by tossing in a fun fall throw pillow! Our fall favorites pillow can be made in just a couple of minutes using a craft cutter and your sofa will be ready for fall snuggling!

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Happy FALL crafting!
xo, Liz & Sam