Summer Snacks: Delicious Rainbow Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt Dip

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Farmers market fresh Fruit Kabobs and Yogurt Dip are the perfect healthy dessert or after-school snack. The dragon fruit and blood oranges are the stars of the show!

When the farmers market is in full swing and the weather is warm, I start dreaming about picnicking. Packing up the fresh, seasonal produce and heading out somewhere green or sandy and letting the kids play all day while we nibble on fresh and healthy snacks… that’s the best!

These exotic fruit kabobs and yogurt dip give me all kinds of summer feelings with their bright flavors and gorgeous colors. Using fun, out-of-the-box fruits like dragon fruit and blood oranges not only looks stunning, but also gets my kids a lot more excited about eating fruit since these are a big change from their standard apple slices. Putting them on a stick not only makes them more fun, but also makes them perfectly portioned and portable. Add some creamy, sweet greek yogurt dip and you’ve got the most wonderful treat for a healthy dessert or after-school snack.

Every time I cut into a blood orange, I am amazed by its rich color, and don’t even get me started on that dragon fruit. Those things are party animals. I love them with this simple greek yogurt dip because it doesn’t take away anything from the flavor of the fruit, but gives it the perfect added creamy sweetness. So delicious!

Happy eating!
ox. Liz

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