How to Make Paper & Mod Podge Candles: a Step by Step Tutorial

These paper-wrapped and paint-dipped candles use the power of Mod Podge to bring some colorful life to some boring, dollar store candles. Plus, I added some fun “Shine” tags, making these candles perfect for gifting! Here’s how I made these Mod Podge Candles:

Supplies needed to make your own Mod Podge Candles: 
Plain Candles (I found mine at my local dollar store)
Patterned Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
Acrylic Paint (I used FolkArt)
Paint Brushes

1. Paint the base of your candles (I did two coats). Let dry completely.

2. Cut paper to fit the middle of the candles. Using a wide brush, paint a layer of Mod Podge on the back of the paper and on the candle area where you will be putting the paper.

3. Apply the paper to the Mod Podged-area on the candle. Rub the paper with pressure to secure the paper to the candle and smooth out any bumps. Let dry at least 15 minutes.

4. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge to the exterior of the paper to seal and finish. For this step, I didn’t apply Mod Podge outside of the papered area because I wanted the painted area to stay really matte, while I wanted the paper to have the gloss that comes from Mod Podge.

6. Let candles dry completely.

Aren’t they they cutest? I love how easy it is with Mod Podge to make something that is completely boring into something stylish and fun. Plus, by using scrapbook paper and paint the color and pattern options are endless, but SO affordable!

Now, if you want to take your candles to another level and give them as gifts or add a fun reminder to “shine”, you can add these fun “shine” tags! Here’s how:

First, using the excess paper from the candles and my craft cutter (I used this design) I cut out the letter. Next, I cut them out into an oval shape and attached them to a white piece of paper using Mod Podge, just the way I did with the candles.

Lastly, I let the tags dry completely, punched a hole in them and attached them to the candles with string! Now they are ready to shine away!

Don’t you love all of the patterns and colors? They almost take away my long-winter blues. I mean, who can think of snow with all of that yellow and pink!

Happy crafting!

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