How to Make a DIY Clay Cactus Dish

These DIY Clay Cactus Dishes were originally created for Consumer Crafts.

I have always loved working with oven bake clay because you really feel like a creator. Taking a ball of clay and working it into something useful and/or beautiful makes you feel like you have made something from nothing and lets your imagination go wild. This DIY Clay Cactus Dish gives me major summer feelings, and I loved using fun color pairings to make it special! Keep reading for the tutorial!

Supplies needed to make your own DIY Clay Cactus Dish

On a flat surface, roll out your clay until it is around 1/2 inch thick. Using your clay tools, cut out your cactus design (if you are worried about doing this free-hand, you can find an image you like online, print and cut it out and use as a stencil).

Once you are happy with your design, roll pieces of the excess clay into snake-like pieces and place them around the edges of the cactus to create a lip. Next, using your clay tools, slice around the edges to connect the lip to the cactus.

Using your fingers, smooth out the slices and all bumps until you are happy with the smoothness of your design. Transfer cactus to a cookie sheet and bake clay according to package directions. Once it is baked, allow to cool completely.

Next, paint your cactus! Apply two coats and let dry completely.

Once your cactus is completely dry, add some visual interest to your cactus by adding spines!

Once your cactus is completely dry, it’s time for my favorite step: Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! I love this product so much because it gives a thick, shiny, enamel-like finish in one step! Simply pour the Dimensional Magic on your cactus, covering it completely and evenly with a paint brush. Let set for 24 hours.

That’s it! Now you have these darling dishes that are perfect as catch-alls or decor!

The possibilities of color combinations are endless with these babies and I love the idea of making a bunch to create fun wall art. They are also the funnest place to put my keys and jewelry. Happy summer crafting!

Happy crafting!
xo, Liz

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