Five DIY Back to School Projects!

Back to school time is here! And while that can bring with it the horrors of the carpool line, homework drama, and lots of lunch packing, it also means lots of fun crafting can be had! Here at the PLG we have had lots of fun dreaming up school-themed projects and today we are sharing 5 of our favorites to get you pumped for the possibilities in this new year! Let’s do it!

  1. DIY Abstract Zipper Pouches: We love the bright colors and fun design on these pouches and had a blast making them. They are perfect for organizing anything in a backpack, from pencils to makeup to SNACKS. Yes, snacks is in caps for a reason. Snacks mean a great deal to me.


2. Funfetti Donuts with Back to School Cut-Outs: We love making these fun donuts at the beginning of every school year because eating them is like a little party! Plus, these cut outs can help you to stay on theme in a very cute way and staying on theme is VERY important. If I was a teacher that would be at the top of my syllabus. Sue me.


3. DIY Stitched Notebooks: Don’t you dare settle for those boring 5-star notebooks that everyone has! You deserve better! You deserve cuter! These are so fun to make in a weekend and the mixture of the pattern of the paper + texture of the embroidery takes them over the top.


4. DIY Stenciled Alphabet Boxes: If you want to be the teacher’s pet these are the project you HAVE to make. These boxes double as a vase AND a tissue box. They are perfect for gifting to the teachers in your life with fresh flowers, then, when the flowers die they can use them for their tissues. Like I said, you’re totally getting an A.


5. Embroidered Floral Zipper Pouches: This is our other favorite way to carry your pencils in style. These sweet zipper pouches have the prettiest details that are sure to make you smile during the school day. Or, if that doesn’t work, fill them with Kit Kats and THAT will make you smile during the school day.

Happiest Back to School, friends! We’re rooting for you!
ox. Liz & Sam

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