Homeschool Crafts: DIY Animal Ear Headphones

If your child is taking the e-learning route this school year then you probably know (like we do) how tricky it can be to keep the attention of little ones who are expected to learn at a computer screen for hours. Yep, it’s a huge bummer! But, if there is anything we have learned during this last few month of pandemic life, it’s that all of the uncomfortable, new-normal behaviors that we are adjusting to are much easier if you try to make things fun. So, we put animal faces on masks and now we are going to try our hardest to make e-learning a tiny bit more fun, too, with these interchangeable animal ear headphones!

These little animal pieces are made out of craft foam and be easily switched out between school lessons to fit whatever inner-animal is speaking to your kiddo that day. Is it a tiger morning? Great! Feeling more like a bunny in the afternoon? Done! Just switch them out using velcro and your little e-learner can channel their favorite animal while online. Here’s what you’ll need to make them:

Supplies Need to Make Interchangeable Animal Ear Headphones

Craft Foam Sheets in Various Colors
Hot Glue + Glue Sticks
Velcro with a sticky back

How to Make Interchangeable Animal Ear Headphones

1. Using foam sheets, draw and cut your outer and inner ear shapes using scissors (we did bunny, tiger, bear, and frog eyes). Also, cut two 1-inch circles out of foam for each ear cut.
2. Using a hot glue gun, glue together the inner and outer ear pieces.
3. Once the ear pieces are glued together, glue one of the 1-inch foam circles to the bottom of each ear. This will be the base of the ear and make the ears stand up.
4. Glue a small piece of velcro to the bottom of the 1-inch circle.
5. Glue the other end of the velcro piece to the headphones, where you would like the ears placed.
6. Attach ears to the velcro on the headphones, and change ears as desired!

So fun, right? This little project is so simple and is a darling way to bring a few extra smiles into e-learning. Plus, it’s so easy to do that you can let your kids create their own using their favorite colors and animals as inspiration!

How are you making this new (and unusual) school year fun at your house? We’d love to hear all of your ideas!

Happy Making!
ox. Sam and Liz

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