Strawberry Mango Basil Salsa Recipe

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Are you looking for a simple recipe that will knocks the socks off of everyone at your summer BBQ’s? I’ve got your back, sister. As a self-proclaimed salsa fanatic who is obsessed with all varieties (tomato, green, corn, bean, fruity, ANY OF IT) this recipe is in my top five. The flavors are perfect for this time of year, the colors are gorgeous, and it tastes like the perfect summer day inside your mouth. Plus, if you can chop an onion you can make this salsa. It is SO easy. Here is how you do it:




It’s a total stunner, right? Beautiful in the bowl and beautiful in your mouth. I love how the flavors mix together and they are great with a sweeter cinnamon chip and delicious with a salty tortilla chip! It’s pretty much the unicorn of salsas, friends.




What recipes are you getting excited to make for your summer BBQ’s? I want them! To the comments, missy!

ox. Liz

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