DIY Gem Barrettes

Recently I got my hands on the super cool Mod Melter from Plaid Crafts and it has busted my crafting wide open. With this sucker you can make your own plastic shapes using the molds in the line and make everything from seashells to aztec decals. For today’s project I used the gem mold to make some one-of-a-kind barrettes with a little metallic paint, and I am obsessed with the outcome. Shiny things! My favorite.

Here’s how you make them:

Mod Podge Mod MelterMod Melt sticks, & Mod Molds (You could also buy gems in the jewelry section of your favorite craft store and paint them to get the colors you want!)
Metallic Paint (I used FolkArt Metallics and the colors are GORG)
Metal Barrette clips

  1. Plug in your Mod Melter, turn on and insert a Mod Melt stick. Wait 5-7 minutes to heat up. Direct the tip of the Mod Melter in the center of the mold and squeeze the trigger directing the melted Mod Melt until the entire mold is filled. Wait until the gem is completely cooled, then pop it out of the mold.

2. Paint your gems! It took me about 3 coats on each to get the color intensity and coverage that I wanted.

Aren’t these metallic colors little stunners? I could look at this rainbow of gems all day.


3. Using your Mod Melter, glue the gems to your barrette clip, let cool, and go be gorgeous!
It’s so fun to use the Mod Molds to create a bunch of different shapes and them paint them to make them extra unique! Clip them in your hair and you’ll be BLINGIN.






Such a fun little DIY to add a little glam to your wardrobe! Happy melting!

ox. Liz

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