How to Make Custom Ribbon with HTV Vinyl

If you’re looking for the perfect personalized detail to take a gift or your fall decor to the next level, custom ribbon with HTV can add the most special touch!


How to Make Custom Ribbon with HTV Vinyl

For Silhouette, Cricut, or lovers of any brand of craft cutter, we know that there are infinite possibilities for what you can make with heat transfer vinyl–but have you ever thought of customizing ribbon for holidays or other celebrations? Now that we’ve tried it, we’re obsessed with the idea of creating custom ribbons for gifts, decor, and more! From your favorite phrases, to festive designs–if you can design it, you can put it on a ribbon! Let us show you how!


Materials needed to make custom ribbon with HTV

Ribbon (we liked using a wider ribbon for easier handling)
Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl
Cutting machine
Iron or heat press


Can you use heat transfer vinyl on ribbon?

Yes! If you have worked on heat transfer vinyl projects before, this tutorial will be a breeze! The key is sizing the text to fit the ribbon you choose, and once you do, the application is a piece of cake!

For beginners to craft cutters and vinyl projects, visit our Silhouette archives to get tips and lots of beginner projects!

How to add words to ribbon with HTV vinyl

Step 1: Upload your design or create a new design in your craft cutting software. 

Step 2: Measure the width of your ribbon and size your design to fit. Be sure to mirror your design!

Step 3: Follow the prompts in your design software to cut the design (attach material to mat, load mat into machine, select settings, start cutting).

Step 4: Weed the excess vinyl, revealing your cut design.

Step 5: Place the design on your ribbon where desired (backing-side up) and iron the design using a hot, dry iron, working in 30 second increments until it has adhered completely. Then, remove the backing from the design.


Now you can add your custom ribbon to a ribbon bundle and attach it to a wreath, party garland and more! And if you’re looking for more heat transfer vinyl projects, visit our archives here


Happy Making!
ox. Liz and Sam 

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