How to finish a bead bracelet | 6 easy ways

In this post, we’re sharing 6 ways to finish a bead bracelet, including stretchy bracelets, clasps, and adjustable bracelets!


6 Easy Ways to Finish a Bead Bracelet

Making bracelets is one of our favorite crafts right now, and while we are not jewelry pros by any means, we have learned a few helpful skills!

We’re gonna talk all about our favorite ways to finish bracelets below, but be sure to watch this video to see each step!


How to tie the end of a stretch bead bracelet

Stretch bracelets are our favorite to make because they don’t require any extra findings or tools. Just add your beads, tie a tight knot, and you’re good to go.

There are some simple additions you can make to secure and hide knots, and we’re sharing a couple of our favorites below.


A standard double knot is sufficient for a lot of stretch bracelets, but if your elastic is slippery or you’re worried about the security of the knot, there are a couple tricks. First, you can tie multiple double knots and pull the string tightly. Second, you can use a surgeon’s knot (or double overhand knot) to prevent loosening.

If you are still feeling a little nervous, you can add a small dot of super glue or clear nail polish to the knot. If you use super glue, be extra careful to only use the smallest bit or it can make your cord brittle.


One way to hide knots is with crimp bead knot covers. Crimp bead knot covers are C-shaped, open beads that close around your knot (with the help of pliers) to hide it inside what looks like a round bead.

How-to-finish-a-bead-bracelet-6-easy-ways-bead3. How to end a bracelet with a bead

Another way to hide a knot is with beads. When you are finishing up your bracelet, add a bead with a big enough opening to fit a knot. Tie your knot, and slide the bead right over it.


How to end a bead bracelet that isn’t stretchy

Now, let’s cover a few ways you can finish non-stretchy bracelets.

How-to-finish-a-bead-bracelet-6-easy-ways-clasp-crimp-beads4. How to use a crimp bead and clasp

The most common way to finish a non-stretchy bracelet is with a clasp. It is so easy to finish a clasp bracelet without any knots, using crimp beads. These tiny tube beads are flattened tightly around your string to keep it from loosening, but in a more polished way than a knot.

Note: If you want to elevate the crimp bead and clasp bracelet, you can cover the crimp beads with crimp bead knot covers, like those mentioned in #2.


5. How to use a clamshell bead tip

Another way to finish a clasp bracelet is with a clamshell bead tip. Clamshell bead tips cover the knotted ends of your bracelet, and provide a loop to attach clasps, jump rings, or chain.


6. How to make an adjustable bracelet

You can also finish a non-stretchy bracelet without any jewelry findings. Using an extra piece of cord to tie a series of square knots around your bracelet, you can make a simple, adjustable bracelet.


You can learn more about making clay bead bracelets here, and be sure to visit the PLG shop to find your perfect bracelet kit!

Happy making!

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