DIY Halloween Costumes: DIY Butterfly Costume for Kids

This tie dye DIY butterfly costume—with butterfly wings and floral headband—is an easy, no-sew project to make and the cutest costume for your little one!

How to make a DIY Butterfly Costume

We LOVE a good no-sew Halloween costume here at the PLG, and this one checks that box! We used a large cotton t-shirt to make the wings since the fabric wouldn’t fray when cut. Next, we used fabric glue to attach the elastic that allows the wings to be worn so no sewing maching was necessary! (We also love that you can make this with an old t-shirt you have at home since tie dye will give it new life and easily transform it into colorful butterfly wings!) Last but not least, we whipped up a quick headband using pipe cleaners and felt and added a touch of face paint to finish it off.

You’re going to love making this costume and your little butterfly will love wearing since the wings are so light and comfortable. Plus, all of the tools needed are super accessible and the results are magical!

Supplies needed to make a DIY Butterfly Costume

XL (or larger) white cotton t-shirt
Tie dye (desired colors + black)
Elastic cord
Fabric glue
Felt in assorted colors
Pipe cleaners

How do you make butterfly wings for kids?

Step 1: Lay the shirt on a flat surface, and trace and cut half of a butterfly wing shape (see the template below).

Step 2: Dampen the cut out wings, then unfold and lay out on a flat surface.

Step 3: Prepare your tie dye according to package directions. Set aside the black dye.

Step 4: Bind the wings and apply dye using the spiral technique. Flip the spiral bundle to apply colors on both sides.

Step 5: Apply black dye to one side of the spiral, completely covering other colors. Set the dye according to package directions.

How do you make a butterfly antenna?

Step 1: Wrap two pipe cleaners around a headband and secure with hot glue. Twist the ends into spirals.

Step 2: Make felt flowers from assorted colors of felt (we used colors that matched the wings) and attach to the headband with hot glue.

Learn more about tie dye in our book DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style: The Basics and WAY Beyond!

Happy making!

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