Easy 4th of July Treats: How to Make DIY Candy Kabobs

If you’re looking for an easy 4th of July treat to make, you will love these DIY candy kabobs! They are SO easy to put together and with the mind-boggling array of candy options that the internet affords us, you can make them for any color scheme or event, such as the holiday that happens to be right around the corner–the 4th of July.

If you ask me, charcuterie boards and kabobs of all kinds have been the best things to ever happen to parties. These types of culinary innovations mean that food can be a centerpiece, decoration, or a favor! In fact, one of our most trafficked posts on this blog includes a picture of donut holes on skewers at a baby shower. MILLIONS of people have pinned that image, and for good reason–food on a stick is FUN. And you know what is even more fun? Candy on a stick!

We’ve posted a couple of candy kabob ideas here on the blog (find our pizza party kabobs here and our St. Patrick’s Day kabobs here) and find them to be the most delightful addition to any gathering, and we are so excited to share this red, white, and blue version!

Supplies needed to make DIY Candy Kabobs

Wooden skewers
Gummy rings
Cinnamon bears
Sour ribbons
Large gumballs
Salt water taffy
Other red/white/blue gummy candy/marshmallows 

How to make DIY Candy Kabobs

Sure, it’s not rocket science to put together candy kabobs, but we have learned a few things that can be helpful!

Tips for making Candy Kabobs

1. For sticky or gummy candy, make a hole in the candy first with an extra skewer to help it slide onto its skewer a little easier. 

2. Check the bulk candy section of your grocery store for unique shapes and colors. 

3. Shop the bakery aisle for marshmallows in fun flavors/colors/shapes. They make a great addition to the kabobs and add a texture that we love. 

4. We love to add gumballs to our kabobs, but they have a tendency to want to split. To avoid this, carefully poke a hole in the top and bottom of the gumball first, then slide the stick through. 

That’s it! Aren’t they so fun? They would be adorable in a vase and used as a centerpiece, wrapped and set at every place at your picnic table, or used as a favor! They’d also be the perfect treat to hand out at a parade, or under the stars, waiting for fireworks to start! However you celebrate the 4th, these cuties are sure to make it extra fun. 

Happy making!
ox. Liz and Sam 

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