How to Make Perfect DIY Candy Kabobs

This post was originally published September 2019
and updated as of June 2022.

On our last post, we shared some fun ways to take a pizza party to the next level, and one of the ideas we shared were these adorable candy kabobs! These kabobs are great for so many reasons – put them in a vase for a centerpiece; wrap them up and send them home as a party favor; make it an activity where party guests can make their own! We love the special touch these candy kabobs add to any party. And we mean ANY party. Just choose candies that match the occasion (green candy for St. Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter, etc.), and you will officially add the cutest detail to your party.

So let’s get down to business! Here is how we made them…

candy kabobs 1

Supplies needed to make Pizza Party Candy Kabobs

Gummy pizzas
Gummy rings
Gummy watermelons
Licorice bites
Sour ribbons

candy kabobs 2

How to make Pizza Party Candy Kabobs

Step 1: Okay, we know this isn’t rocket science – you slide the gummies on the skewers until you are satisfied. The end. But again – think about how easy it would be to incorporate these cuties into any party. Now that we’ve made them once, we feel like no party is complete without accompanying candy kabobs. They are just too good!

candy kabobs 3

Wrapping Candy Kabobs

We didn’t wrap our candy kabobs this time, but can you can easily wrap them with these bags and some twine or ribbon so they are easier for guests to take home!

candy kabobs 4

Candy Kabob Party Centerpiece

We also loved how the kabobs looked as a table centerpiece. We just filled a cute vase (a jar would work too) with red gum balls, and stuck them in. So easy!

candy kabobs 5

Aren’t they just the cutest! Such an easy way to add some color and personality to a party.

candy kabobs 6 candy kabobs 7 candy kabobs 8

Happy making!
xo, Sam & Liz

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