DIY Girl Power Sweatshirt

Did you know that in America, March is Women’s History Month? To celebrate, we are going to show you how to make a graphic Girl Power sweatshirt! Just grab a cozy sweatshirt and your best gals, and let’s get making!

Before we get started, this is our first project using Cricut machines, and we loved working with them. While it can be super intimidating to learn how to use a new machine, the way the Cricut software (both Cricut Design Space and the Cricut Heat app) walks you through each step of the cutting and application processes makes it so simple to get started as a new user.

And as lifetime users of our household irons for heat transfer vinyl application, we are extra excited about the new EasyPress 3, which connects through Bluetooth to the Cricut Heat app and is mind-blowingly smart and simple to use. You can get yours online now!

Supplies used to make a Girl Power Sweatshirt

Cricut Maker 3
Cricut EasyPress 3
Girl Power SVG
Iron on vinyl

How to make a Girl Power Sweatshirt

Step 1: Upload and arrange your design in Cricut Design Space. Be sure to mirror your design!

Step 2: Follow the prompts to cut the design (attach material to mat, load mat into machine, select settings, start cutting).

Step 3: Weed the excess vinyl, revealing your cut design.

Step 4: Turn on the EasyPress and open the Cricut Heat app. Tap Start New Project, and follow the prompts for applying your design to the sweatshirt.

Step 5: If desired, crop your sweatshirt by cutting a straight line across the bottom. 

It really is that simple! Now you’re ready to wear your adorable sweatshirt and take over the world! 

Happy making!
Liz & Sam

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