5 Fun and Creative Adopt-a-Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

This post was originally published in March 2022 and updated as of October 2022.

An adopt a puppy birthday party is so fun to put together and is an adorable way to celebrate a birthday for boys and girls!

5 Fun and Creative Adopt a Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

My youngest turned eight over the weekend and had her heart set on a celebration revolving around her obsession of the moment — puppies! She requested a puppy cake, puppy decorations, and the best part, puppies that she and her friends could adopt! This age is so fun and her enthusiasm made me so excited to execute her vision and create a Adopt-A-Puppy birthday party that was totally PAW-some. (SO sorry. I’ve been spending too much time with 8 year old as of late.) 

How to throw an Adopt-a-Puppy Birthday Party

To start, we placed a quick Amazon order with all of the little details to make the party simple but fun: 
Dog Bowls
Boxes for Houses
Puppy Party Horns
Plates + Napkins
Honeycomb Balls

For the actual puppies for adoption we used Beanie Boos because my kids are obsessed and they happen to be adorable and affordable! You can find them in most grocery/convenience/craft stores, or they also have free shipping on the TY website

We also made a set of printables to use as extra decor and supplies for the activities! We just listed them in our shop and they include signs for all of the stations, invitations, adoption certificates and vet forms!

Order our printable pack here:



Once we had all of our supplies, we set up a quick balloon garland and hung the decor we ordered. If you've never made a balloon garland, don't be intimidated — anyone can do it! Here is a tutorial of a previous garland we made to get you started. 

1. Choose your puppy

We set up the table with a puppy in a house and bowl of “food” (Whoppers and Milk Duds) for all of our attendees. When they arrived, they chose which puppy they wanted to adopt! 

2. Dog checkup

Once everyone chose their puppy we did some fun activities to begin the adoption process! First, they gave their dogs a checkup using a doctor set I picked up at the dollar store. They used our “new pet check-up” form from our printable pack to give them a thorough checkup! 

3. Collar making

Once their puppy received a clean bill of health, it was time to make them a collar!  We used pipe cleaners and a variety of beads and charms to make their collars. They could put their names on them or just beads and then easily twist them around the neck of their new pup! 

4. Decorate dog houses

Next, it was time for them to decorate their dog houses!  I picked up a bunch of fun puppy stickers and some paint pens and they had a blast making the puppy house of their dreams! 

5. Finalize adoption

Once the houses were all decorated and ready to take home, they could officially adopt their puppies! They filled out their adoption certificates from our printable packs and made it official!  Once the adoption process was over, they had so much fun playing together with their new furry friends — I even had to beg them to stop to make time for cake! This was such a sweet party and the girls all had a blast. I still haven't taken the balloon garland down because I want the cuteness to last!  What are your favorite themed birthday parties that you have thrown? I want to hear all of the details! Be sure to visit our shop to get the party pack and other fun printables! Happy partying! ox. Liz 
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