5 Creative Small Space Craft Storage and Decor Ideas

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Last year we both moved into new homes and created a studio in the basement at Sam’s house to shoot video, house our inventory for our shop, and get really messy. And because it is such a great setup, I didn’t really plan for a craft space in my own home. However, now that I’ve lived here for over a year, I’ve realized that dragging glue guns and cutting machines out to my kitchen table during the times I can’t get to Sam’s isn’t going to be sustainable in the long term, and I needed a solution!

Since I don’t have an extra room lying around in my current house to whip up into a craft room, I had to be a bit scrappy. So, with the help of some amazing shelving and storage accessories from The Shelving Store, (use code PRETTY10 for $10 off a wire shelving order $100+*) I decided to convert an unused area in our extra living room into a craft workspace, and create a small but mighty place to get creative. I’m SO thrilled with how it turned out and thought I’d share some tips for small space craft storage and decor so you can create a functional, fun, and efficient craft area in a small space.

5 Creative Small Space Craft Storage and Decor Ideas

1. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

The star of this setup has to be our shelving from The Shelving Store Since they have so many options, we were able to find the perfect size and height of shelves for our space to provide the maximum storage in a small area. These shelves were so easy to put together and they are so sturdy and strong! Plus, The Shelving Store has the coolest accessories that you can add to the shelves to take them to the next level, and get the most bang for your buck, since, when you have a small space, every piece of furniture needs to be accomplishing multiple things! We are obsessed with the butcher block top that sits on our shelves, transforming it into a place where you store things and also work. We also love their adjustable utility baskets that can attach easily to the edges of the shelves for extra storage! These two shelves are doing so much for the space, making it so functional and easy to use. 

Here are the links to the shelves and accessories we used: 
Wire Shelving with 3 Shelves
Wire Shelving with 5 Shelves
Wire Utility Basket
Butcher Block Top
Sliding Doors

2. Store certain supplies out of sight

The key to the success of a beautiful and small craft space? Hide the ugly stuff. We were SO excited when we came across these sliding doors that attach to our shelves, and they were so easy to attach, look sleek, and hide anything unsightly. You can really cram a lot behind those doors and no one needs to know! I love feeling inspired by this place, and hiding what isn’t pleasing to my eyes is a huge plus. For the storage that is visible, I love using pretty baskets that are functional and beautiful.

3. Bring in Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to the space like the The Shelving Store butcher block top and lots of plants makes the space feel calm, warm and welcoming. I love the juxtaposition of the metal shelves with some organic elements, it fits my style perfectly!

4. Decorate with inspiration

When I sit down to make something it’s such a joy to feel inspired by the workspace. I love to put up patterned wallpaper to give the area instant personality, then I add colorful and meaningful art and a corkboard packed ideas, and I always my favorite DIY magazines on hand, which all give me the itch to create! 

5. Let the Craft Supply Rainbow Shine! 

One of the best parts about styling a craft space is that all of the supplies are inspiring on their own! I love displaying rainbows of paint, colors, beads and papers so that they are easy to access and eye catching. Many craft supplies are cute and bright and fun to look at, so let them have double duty as decor and supplies so you aren’t using up extra space for just decor! 

That’s it! Wish I could chat more, but this colorful space is calling my name!

Happy crafting!

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