5 Craft Room Organization Tips

It might be February 1st and some of your resolutions may have been left in January, but with a new month comes a new chance to make an improvement or two that will make life better. For us, an organized craft room is key to our overall happiness since, when inspiration hits you don’t want to have to dig through an entire cabinet for a half-hour to find the supplies you need. So, today we are sharing 5 of our favorite craft room organization tips to make your space more functional while removing any roadblocks that might prevent you from getting in there and creating something magical.

5 Craft Room Organization Tips

1. Label containers

Use a label maker, like our favorite ribbon and tape printer, to label all your containers. Keeping supplies in labeled containers helps keep like things together and make them easier to find.

2. Keep go-to tools easily accessible

You probably have certain tools you use regularly, so keeping them handy is a no-brainer. Using something like this carousel to store your tools right on your desk will make it easy for you to reach for them when needed!

3. Utilize hidden space

You probably have space that is being under-utilized, so be strategic about where you store supplies. This over-the-door vinyl organizer is a major favorite for storing supplies in the hidden space behind my door!

4. Conserve space with portable/collapsible storage

Whether you have a dedicated space or are crafting at the kitchen table, this rolling cart table is such a useful way to add storage and a crafting surface that is portable. And since the table expands and collapses, you can make it fit whatever space you’re working with!

5. Use your walls

Adding shelves or other storage solutions to your walls is a great way to take advantage of under-utilized space. We love using a pegboard for extra wall storage. It helps our craft room stay cleaner because we are getting things off the ground, and since a lot of our supplies are colorful and cute, it doubles as decor!

Happy organizing!

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