6 Modern Easy Tie Dye Projects You Should Try

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about tie dye? An image of a hippie at Woodstock in a rainbow swirl tee? A memory of squirting every color you could get your hands on on a t-shirt at summer camp? We’re with you. Traditional tie dye is a little wild, bold and not always intentionally stylish, but that is alllll changing! With our new book, DIY Guide to Tie Dye Style, we put together 20 projects for modern tie dye. From color palettes that you would actually wear to designs you would want in your home! And today we are giving you a sneak peak of what you will find inside the book, showing you the possibilities of what tie dye can do when you have the right tools and methods.

Keep scrolling to watch our YouTube video showing you the projects first hand (and be sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel) and keep reading for images and details! And be sure to grab the book right here!

6 Modern Easy Tie Dye Projects You Should Try

1. V Patterned Throw Pillow

Using the right color palette makes all the difference when you’re tie dyeing, especially if you are making something for your home. For this pillow we searched for just the right sage tone and bound the pillow case in a V-pattern, keeping things simple and chic with an organic feel.

2. Dyed Macrame Keychains

This is the first project you will find in the book and it’s a perfect place to start because there is no binding required, just dipping! Macrame is a great way to play with color because the natural fibers take dye beautifully.

3. Tie Dye Sneakers

These sneakers are a major favorite in the book because they are made by putting the dye on a pile of shaving cream. Then, you press the shoes into the shaving cream and when you pull them out they are dyed!

Sometimes keeping a tie dye project modern is all about the surface you use. These platform sneakers are perfectly on trend and adding a little color using tie dye takes them to the next level!

4. Bullseye Tote Bag

Keeping a project monochromatic and focusing on the binding is a great way to make your tie dye more modern. We did the bullseye binding technique on these totes and used some calming blues. The result is almost coastal and really lets the whites pop!

5. Reverse Dyed Leggings

Tie dye athleisure is a huge trend and the easiest way to achieve it for yourself is with bleach! We used it to create these leggings and were amazed at the different hues the bleach pulled out. They are totally one-of-a-kind and so cute!

6. Tie Dye Pom Pom Cake Topper

Tie dye isn’t just for t-shirts! We loved adding it to pom poms to make a fun, vibrant cake topper, perfect for any occasion! You can change up the color scheme to fit your theme and make your cake a party!

That’s it! Which one do you want to make first? For more projects just like this one, grab the full book right here!

Happy making!
-Sam & Liz

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