Wedding Exit Ideas: DIY Wedding Confetti Tubes

These Wedding Confetti Tubes are perfect for adding a lovely finishing touch to any wedding day! We added a tag with a favorite Coldplay lyric “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you” to tie the sentiment in perfectly.

Wedding season is upon us and I think it’s so sweet to watch the different ways couples are making their celebrations their own while we continue to navigate pandemic-era gatherings. Parts of the wedding that once seemed like such a big part of the tradition are being set aside in lieu of more intimate celebrations that focus on connection and not the party. I love thinking of the ways this shift can trickle into all of our gatherings from now on–creating time together where people and the memories made together are the priority.

Now, that’s not to say that we gotta take the flare and festivity out of our weddings, because you know that we’re never gonna stop being extra, we just love the idea of creating intentional, special touches that make the day more personal, like with these confetti tubes. Here’s how you make them!

Supplies needed to make Confetti Tubes

Plastic Bead Storage Tubes
Multi-Color Tissue Paper
Star Glitter
Star Sequins
Hole Punch
Red Heart Super Saver Grey Yarn
Glitzy Glitter Cardstock
Patterned Cardstock

How to make Confetti Tubes

Step 1. Make your confetti. Cut tissue into small squares, cut glitter cardstock into squares and mix with star-shaped confetti and star shaped glitter.

Step 2. Fill tubes with confetti mix and replace the lids.

Step 3. Print your tags (get the free printable here). We decided to add some extra sparkle by adding gold foil to the tag, which is super easy using a basic laminator. You can learn more about that process here. Then cut out the tag and layer on patterned cardstock, if desired. Punch a hole in one of the corners.

Step 4. Attach tags using string.

Aren’t they fun? I love this extra touch, with subtle celestial elements. They would blend in perfectly to a fully themed wedding or as a gorgeous goodbye to a more traditional affair.

What are your favorite DIY wedding trends? We’d love to hear what has caught your eye!

Happy making!
xo, Liz

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