How to Make Haunted Halloween Gingerbread Houses

I think it’s safe to say that this is Halloween village week here on the PLG! I have made a bunch of them, I have talked about them on TV (find our recent Studio 5 segment here). I have written about some of them here on the blog (see our paper one here and our wood one here, and watch for more coming in the next couple of days!) and now it is time to talk about more of them. Lucky for me, I happen to love things that are mini and also festive so I’m not even close to tired of talking about these things, and, once you see the details of the next one I’m about to share, you’ll see why! They are Halloween gingerbread houses!

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That’s right! Gingerbread houses aren’t just for Christmastime anymore! Haunted gingerbread houses are such a fun idea for Halloween, and are perfect for a party because this is THE candy holiday! Make them spooky or make them cute, you’re gonna have a blast putting a new spin on this classic craft. And while, I WISH I could take credit for these beautiful haunted gingerbread cuties, they were made for the PLG by our friend Melissa from Melsos Cookies! She is a crazy talented cookie maker who can make cookies for any event or holiday and made these houses fit for a ghost and/or goblin. We are blown away by every detail.

Tips for making your own Halloween Gingerbread Houses

  • Don’t use frosting or hot glue to construct your houses! Just melt sugar in a pot on the stove with nothing else! This will create the perfect glue.
  • Stick some wire through some black licorice and twist to make a creepy tree!
  • Cut up wafer cookies to make the perfect textured sidewalk!
  • Crunch up chocolate cookies to make dirt for a pumpkin patch or graveyard!


Truly, cannot handle how perfect they are and how filled up with inspiration I get when I look at them! Such a fun idea for a party with kids to let them unleash their creativity or with some type-A adults who want to make the perfect haunted palace. Let us know if you make your own! We’d love to hear about it!

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Happy decorating!
ox. Liz

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