Choosing Meaningful Wall Art for your Space with Minted!

Items in this post were gifted by Minted. All opinions expressed are ours alone. 

If you caught our post last week about decorating my new rental, you might have noticed the perfect art shelf and stunning pink print in the center or the room. And, if you have been following this blog over the last couple of years, you won’t be surprised when I tell you that it’s all from Minted, since we have been loyal to Minted art and art shelves in our decorating for the last few years!

We love Minted artwork because it feels so personal, is stylish, and it comes beautifully framed. Every time I move I feel so sentimental about starting a new chapter and think so much about what I have left behind, and somehow I always find a piece to mark those moments with Minted. When we moved to Pennsylvania from Utah I was feeling so homesick for the mountains and found a gorgeous print of the mountains in Utah that meant to much to me (see it here). Then, when we moved to NYC I fell so deeply in love with the city that I had to have a piece of art commemorating our time there and found a stunning shot of the empire state building from Minted that I still treasure (see it here). Then, when we moved to New Orleans I felt so much freedom after leaving the craziness of the city and was ready to simplify and bring in some more modern pieces. Of course, I found the most perfect prints from Minted that helped me define our space in New Orleans, and I’m still so obsessed with them (see them right here).

Now that we are back in Utah we are so excited to be close to family and feel more than ever like we are home. We loved all of our adventures and the cities we got to experience, but the sense of belonging we feel is something that can’t be replaced. As a result, I wanted something bright and happy and full of color in the center of the room and decided on this Valley Art Print that makes such a statement. I love the way the artist describes how the strokes may look chaotic, but when they come together, a landscape seems to take shape. If there ever was a summary of the last few years of our lives, it is that! Moves and changes that look chaotic, but when you look more closely, you see that they make something meaningful.

We also decided to get our second Artful Shelf from Minted to hang art on in this room. We purchased one from our home in NYC (see it in this blog post) that now hangs in our dining room, and having that one only confirmed to me how perfect it is in any space for displaying your favorite artwork. We love it because it is minimal but sturdy and gorgeously made. Plus, you can get it in a bunch of different finishes and lengths, making it perfect for any room.

Our family has so many memories that have been marked by pieces from Minted. Aside from the artwork and shelves, they have printed our holiday cards, and I have used their party decor to mark special occasions (remember this brunch I threw for dear friends in PA?). It is such a special brand that is full of heart and beauty and I love bringing it into my home.

What are your favorite ways to add meaning to your space? I would love to hear your thoughts!

ox. Liz

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