Fall Craft Ideas: How to Make your Own Mulled Cider Candle and Tag

This post was originally published September 2019 and updated as of September 2022. 

A handmade Mulled Cider Candle is the perfect thoughtful gift for your family, friends, neighbors, or teachers this holiday season. See how we made them!

How to Make your Own Mulled Cider Candle and Tag

Fall is here! For us, that means baked goods and yummy scents and cozy sweaters. It’s also the time of year when we really start thinking about gift-giving! Holiday gifts, host gifts, neighbor gifts – there are lots of gifts to be given over the next few months.

So, in an effort to take away some of the stress that inevitably creeps in this busy time of year, we have the cutest and easiest and nicest little gift idea that is so fun to make.

Anyone would love to be gifted a DIY Mulled Cider Candle, AND we went ahead and whipped up a pretty tag to go with them (get it here), so you are good to go! Keep scrolling to see how we made them.

Supplies needed to make your own Mulled Cider Candle

Soy wax
Candle wicks
Half pint jars
Clove, cinnamon, and sweet orange essential oils
Printable tag

How do you make mulled cider candles?

Step 1Melt soy wax in a double boiler. If you don’t have one (like me), you can use a glass or metal bowl in a pan of water.

Step 2: While your wax is melting, prepare your jars. If you are using a long string of wick, cut a piece (longer than the height of your jar) and use a glue gun to secure it to the bottom. Then, use clothespins/chopsticks/pencils/popsicle sticks or something to keep the wick standing centered.

Step 3: Once your wax is melted, add your oils (to preference) and stir. If you wanna get it just right and have a candle/candy thermometer, add oils when the wax is completely melted and at 185 degrees. Then, let the wax cool to 140 degrees before pouring it into the jars. Let the set, then trim the wicks.

Step 4: Print the tags on white cardstock and cut them.

Step 5: Attach the tags to your jars with elastic or baker’s twine.

Aren’t they so pretty? And I wish you could smell them through the screen because they smell divine! They are so fun to make and are the perfect gift for your neighbors, friends, teachers, etc. this holiday season!

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Happy gifting!
xo, Sam

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