Churro Donut Holes with Caramel Sauce

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These Churro Donut Holes with Caramel Sauce were originally created for SoFab Food

Here at the PLG, it’s no secret that we love sweets, but we try to keep them to a minimum during the week. Once the weekend rolls around, though, we are ready to cheat so hard with all the sugar, butter, and chocolate we can get my hands on. There is just nothing better than a little bit of indulgence on a cheat day and one of our favorite ways to indulge is donuts. Today we’re sharing a favorite recipe for Churro Donut Holes, and we’re adding a caramel sauce for good measure.

Churro Donuts with Caramel Sauce for Dipping!

I particularly love making donut holes because you can do it without any fancy pans or equipment. Plus, this recipe uses pre-made, frozen roll dough which keeps down the number of ingredients and the mess, and keeps things really simple. I mean, just because it’s a cheat day shouldn’t mean you spend all day doing the dishes, plus this leaves plenty of time for some cheat day ice cream a little later.


Mouth watering, right? So many delicious flavors in a fluffy, warm donut hole, dipped in gooey caramel sauce. It’s perfection. Years ago, I spent time living in Brazil and spent a weekend in Rio de Janeiro where hot, fresh churros are sold in carts on the beach and paired with caramel dipping sauce. This recipe takes me right back there, and if that isn’t cheat day goodness, I don’t know what is!

Aside from being simple and just a touch exotic, this recipe is also a great one to get the kids involved in the kitchen! Little ones will love rolling dough into balls and coating it with the cinnamon sugar mixture. Just make sure you make enough because sharing these babies isn’t an easy feat!

Happy eating!
xo, Liz

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