DIY Embossed Summer Journals

These Embossed Summer Journals were originally created for Consumer Crafts.

Summer is a time for making some of the best memories, and it’s just around the corner! We’re getting our plans set and are so excited for what’s ahead. I want to be sure that I remember the details of our summer fun, so of course we’ll be taking lots of pictures and videos, but I also love a good journal for documenting life. And today we’re sharing a tutorial for the cutest summer journal cover ideas. These embossed summer journals will be perfect for you, your kids or your friends to use to record all the details of summertime that you never want to forget! Keep reading for the tutorial.

Supplies you will need to make your own Embossed Summer Fun Journals

Blank notebooks
Embossing folders or stamps
Embossing ink
Embossing powder
Heat tool

Step 1: Apply embossing ink to the dimensional side of the embossing folder. 

Step 2: Carefully press the folder, ink side down, on your notebook. Press each design to make sure ink is transferred to the notebook. 

Step 3: Carefully remove the folder. I love the imperfections that come with stamping – it makes each final product unique. With that being said, if there are gaps that really bother you, you can stamp the notebook again to achieve a cleaner design. Repeat the design to fill the cover of the notebook.

Step 4: Cover the ink in embossing powder. Then pick up the notebook, allowing excess powder to fall off. If powder remains on areas that you don’t want embossed, you can use a small paint brush to dust the powder off.

Step 5: Use the heat tool to set the powder. You will notice the powder bubble slightly and become a little lighter in color. 

Step 6: Cut a strip (2 inches or so) of adhesive vinyl, and apply it to the binding of the notebook.

Step 7: Make a tassel from string. Attach it to a long string. Put the tassel at the bottom of the notebook, then bring the string up the notebook and over the notebook pages to the back cover. Secure the string with hot glue inside the back cover. Trim any excess string. 

Now you’re ready to document all your summer fun!   


Happy journaling!
xo, Sam