Treat Yourself with Confetti Collection!

It is currently a busy time of year for our family which inevitably gets me thinking about how I can escape my responsibilities. I mean, even if my kids didn’t have a designated spring break I would still have to give myself a spring break because ADULTHOOD. And although it is coming, our spring break is still a couple of weeks away, forcing me to carve out little slivers of pleasure in the chaos in order to survive, i.e. getting a big fountain soda to drown my sorrows, or pretending I’m listening to a very erudite podcast about, you know, science (?) while doing the dishes, but really it’s one that recaps The Bachelor.

These kind of little joys can be essential when you have stretches of life that feel like you are just plowing through which is why I love the idea behind Confetti Collection! Confetti Collection the new subscription box that lets you treat yourself or someone you love to a box of coordinated giftables, stationery, and other fun novelties every other month!

Getting my first box was SO exciting. It comes beautifully packaged and packed with wonderful surprises! I mean, if you wouldn’t love a surprise box that happens to have post-its in the shape of shooting stars delivered to you, I don’t know what you’re doing here.

I received a preview box called the “Odyssey Box” that had celestial-themed treats like star-shaped trinket dishes, sparkly hair ties, a gorgeous sparkly star keychain and a beautiful journal with constellations on it! It was magical.

The funnest part about Confetti Collection is the element of surprise! Gifts will vary with each box, but there will always be some collection of stationery, gifts, and lifestyle products. It’s like having a BFF send you a lovely present every other month, and guys, I reeeeally love this friend! Plus, it’s an awesome gift idea for family and friends!

Isn’t it so pretty? I love this idea so much and can’t wait for the months to pass so I can get my next one!

What are YOUR favorite ways to treat yourself? We’d love to hear about them!
ox. Liz