12 Favorite Modest Swimsuits!

Liz: KJ Netted Sweatheart Top, KJ Peplum Bottoms*
Sam: KJ Scoop Back Top, KJ Tie-Up-Front Bottoms*

I’m gonna say a couple of words now. They may give you feelings. Please consider this to be a trigger warning in case what I’m about to say brings up past trauma for you. Also, please know that when I say them, I do it with all the love in the whole wide world. Here goes: Swimsuit. Season.

You did it! We did it together! Those dang words can invoke a collective shutter among the female population like few things can, and how ANNOYING is that? Last night when I was scrolling the instas in my delicious bed I came across a post by the most gorgeous insta-model at the gym showing her verrry toned abs, pontificating about how she has been such a slacker at the gym lately (OK AB LADY) and needs to “step it up” because swimsuit season, and reader, I wanted to throw my phone out the window (but did not because I would have had to go and get it and did I mention how good my bed is?).

What I’m saying is she looked like a hot tamale with visible muscles and ribs on her abdomen and even she is talking about how swimsuit season is a thing that women need to “step it up” for. Yuck. I’m so over the idea that you aren’t good enough right this second to lay as you are in the sunshine by the pool or chase after your kiddo on the beach or pick up from school carpool all while in a swimsuit (Note: I’m only saying you could pickup carpool in a swimsuit because you look awesome as you are, not that you should).

We have wrestled with all this before here on the blog (see this post about swimsuit season woes) and might forever because we’ve had babies and have stresses and like donuts and because society is nuts and places a toxic amount of value on “perfect” bodies and shames what it deems to be wrong, when really, you can’t fix a problem that doesn’t exist. Your body is great. Amazing, even!

Swimsuit season and all of the seasons should be FUN without having to worry all the time about how we look. (You’re BORING, society! Knock it off!) So, if you are struggling with the-season-that-shall-not-be-named we recommend getting a really great swimsuit in a sassy cut and pattern that will help give you a little boost and the go eat an ice cream cone. Here are a couple of recommendations for the former. For the later we recommend Dairy Queen 4evr.

See full blog post (and find product links) here.

KJ Netted Sweatheart Top, KJ Peplum Bottoms*

See full blog post (and find product links) here.
KJ Swing Top, KJ Hip Ruffle Bottoms*

On Chance: KJ Mini Mens Trunks,
On Georgie: KJ Mini Ladies Ruffled Up Bottoms, KJ Mini Ladies Peplum Top
On Sam: KJ Tied Up Women’s Top, KJ Rouched Women’s Bottoms

Kortni Jeane Netted Sweatheart Top, Kortni Jeane Peplum Bottoms

See full blog post (and find product links) here.

See full blog post (and find product links) here.

See full blog post (and find product links) here.

Kortni Jean Swing Top, Kortni Jeane Cut High Bottoms

See full blog post (and find product links) here.

On Both: Kortni Jean Swing Top, Kortni Jean Cut High Bottoms

*Kortni Jeane patterns and styles change with each line, so these may no longer be available. Pro-tip: They have occasional warehouse sales where they bring back old styles at a discounted price!

Happy you-look-awesome-in-that-swimsuit-season!
ox. Liz and Sam