Liz’s Office Facelift with Stage Stores!

This post was sponsored by Specialty Retailers, Inc. All opinions expressed are ours alone.

We all have THAT space. You know, the one that Marie Kondo would really judge you for? A catch-all room or area of the house where you have a box of holiday decorations that you don’t know what to do with, a couple of bags of clothes you need to return to the store, a stack of art from your kid’s school that a good parent would probably not throw away, and that bag of stuff you promised to take to Goodwill and donate but it has now been there so long you might as well buy it a chair and let it make itself comfy? I get it. I have ALWAYS had a space. That is, until I moved to NYC and there was no literal space for that space, forcing me to learn to make every part of your home really work!

That said, after leaving the city and moving back to a place that has closets and extra bedrooms again, I have found myself falling into that same toss-it-all-into-that-spare-room-shut-the-door-and-forget-about-it habit again. That’s why I was so excited when our friends at Stage Stores asked us to come and experience their expanding home section and give a space in our home a little facelift! My office and craft room is definitely our catch-all, and needed some TLC to make it a place that was fun to be in and functional. Luckily for us, all of the lovely items we got from Stage made it easy! 

Do we dare look at the before? Hold me.

What a sad and boring place! Let’s get to that after, plz!

Ahhhh. So. Much. Better.

Like I said, the Stage Family of Stores is expanding their home section so you can find even more stylish furniture, accents, and decor at the same great Stage prices. Plus, Stage has a wide selection of products for all different personal decor styles including their Coastal Views and Farmhouse Living lines as well as their Tropical Glam line that I shopped to add some fun to my office! I shopped both in the store and online and found awesome deals to refresh my space, and new styles are coming to Stage weekly so you can keep your decor fresh.

So, let’s talk about what I picked up! The big show-stopper of the room has to be this fab Nourison Passion Collection Distressed Diamond Rug that I ordered on Stage.com. Those colors are so delicious and it makes such a statement.

This Decor Therapy Pineapple Table Lamp was such a fun find and I love the way it adds a subtle tropical vibe but is still super classic looking. I also loved getting a couple of colorful 4 oz. Yankee Candles to put on the desk. My favorite one is Island Mango which is perfect for transporting yourself to a tropical island while you work.

A major fave find on the Stage.come website was these perfect little shelves that were a piece of cake to install and are just the right size for these darling pots of snake plants that bring some tropical-feeling greenery inside. I also found these cool little concrete pots in store at Stage and they were an awesome deal.

If you have followed this blog long you know we love some good pattern mixing and adding this Madison Park Navio Palm 3M Scotchgard Decorative Pillow with it’s cool palm design to contrast with the rug was such a fun fit.

This perfect pot for my fern gives the space even more tropical vibes, and I love this cool geometric pencil holder, both found in-store at Stage!

I’ve still got some plans for the bare walls and ideas for storage but all of these lovely pieces from Stage and Stage.com have made SUCH a difference. This office is an inviting place to work now and I even keep the door open instead of hiding the room in shame! Progress, guys.

What room in your house could use some TLC? I’d love to hear your plans for it!

ox. Liz