The Magic Dress w/My Sister’s Closet Boutique!

There are good and bad things about this dress. I will break them down for you. There will be bullets.

The good:
-It’s one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever put on my body. It’s soft and you are so well covered that you don’t have to worry about a thing!
-This dress is for wearing at all of your places. Wear it to the park! To church! To a baby shower! On a date! To a soccer game! To take a very comfy nap! It can be dressed up or dressed down and MAN, you’re gonna look cute.
-The stripes! The colors!
-Pockets, pockets, pockets. Just stick your Kit Kats in those suckers and GO.
-I am convinced it would flatter any and all body types because of the sleeve and the length and the tie at juuuust the right spot on your waist.
-I think it might be a little magic. I can’t confirm this, it’s just a feeling I have.

The bad:
-This is one of a few items of clothing in my closet that have caused people to call, message, or come up to my face and ask me where I got it. Seriously, SO many people! But really, this isn’t a bad thing (unless you aren’t big on human interaction) and I love talking about my friends at My Sister’s Closet Boutique, so ultimately this dress can turn bad things into good only confirming my suspicions that it is MAGIC.

In conclusion, it seems as though my findings on this dress reflect that every lady on this planet needs a dress like this and My Sister’s Closet Boutique has this one and SO many more (Use code PRETTYLIFE at checkout for 10% off your order)! Now stop reading this and go get a magic dress for yourself (But also, thanks for reading this)!

Happy Spring Dressing!
ox. Liz