Easy DIY Beaded Keychain

This post was originally published in July 2018 and updated as of October 2022.

This Easy DIY Beaded Keychain is the upgrade you didn’t even know your keys needed and is such a fun and simple DIY project!

Easy DIY Beaded Keychains

Listen. You might not know it, but it’s time to update your key ring. What do you have on there right now anyway? An old mini gym card from the town you lived in 2 years ago? A random key chain from your college dentist? You are a classy, put-together adult, and it’s time you had cuter keys. So, today is that day!

This Easy DIY Beaded Keychain is the upgrade you didn’t even know your keys needed. Every time you grab your keys with this sassy and colorful key chain, you are going to be instantly filled with the wonderful confidence of a person with cute keys. It’s a thing. Just you wait.

How do you make wooden bead keychains?

All you need for this project is unfinished wood beads, some colorful paint, a tassel, a key ring, and cord! The steps couldn’t be easier. Let’s do this!

Supplies needed to make your own easy DIY beaded keychain

Split Rings
Suede Tassels
Leather Jewelry Cord
Assorted Wood & Plastic Beads
Craft Paint + Brushes

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How to make your own easy DIY beaded keychain

Step 1: Paint your beads. Be sure to have fun with the colors! We recommend choosing something bright that will make your keys stand out so you can find them easier when they are hiding between the couch cushions.

Step 2: Apply two coats of paint, letting the beads dry completely between coats.

Step 3: Attach your tassels to your key rings by sliding them through the prongs.

Step 4: Cut your leather cord to 10-12 inches. Loop the cord through the key ring until the ends of the leather are even. Then, slide the bead through the ends of the cord, up to the top. Repeat with beads until you have filled the cord to the length you desire. Tie off at the end of the beads in a double knot and cut any excess cord.

That’s it! Your keys just got a darling makeover! I love the idea of making these as a gift to someone who has just moved, or just bought a car. It’s such a fun way to make a mundane item that we use every day a little more happy.

Plus, we always have our keys in our hands, so by making these for someone else you are giving them something they will see all the time and remember that you thought of them. That’s just the best.

You’re gonna love making these easy DIY keychains and seeing the little addition of color they are going to add to your life!

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Happy crafting!

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