PLG Loves: Ecosa

The other night while hanging out with my girlfriends we got talking about mattresses. For like, A WHILE. But guys, the older you get the more things like mattresses are hot topics because we are TIRED moms and where we sleep reeeeally matters. So today, in the spirit of girls nights for women in their thirties everywhere, I’m excited to share about my Ecosa mattress that I got a couple weeks ago.

So, here’s my mattress journey. You see, ever since my last pregnancy, I have had really annoying back pain. My posture is THE worst and I am horrible about exercise, so I realize I am not doing myself any favors. But I’ve also been sleeping on the oldest mattress ever. So, when Ecosa offered me a new mattress, I was so excited and hopeful that it would help me.

The Ecosa mattress is an ergonomic memory foam mattress with so many great features–a cooling layer, waterproof technology, a removable and washable cover. My personal favorite feature is the adjustable firmness. Its 3-in-1 design gives you three different firmness options within one mattress to provide you with the best back support. Just configure your mattress with the memory foam, open-cell foam, and Ecosa foam to achieve medium, medium-firm, or firm support.

The mattress comes in a box (which is so fun to unpack and watch grow), so it ships quickly and easily. Each mattress also comes with a 100 night trial period and a 15 year warranty! And most importantly for me, my back is feeling so much better because of the customized support. This thing is a wonder, and is definitely worth gabbing about at girl’s night. I’ll shout its praises from the rooftop!

We love you, Ecosa! Happy sleeping!
xo, Sam

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