A trip to Virginia Beach with Coastal Accomodations!

A couple of weeks ago we were feeling cooped up with this never ending winter so we took our spring break early and escaped with friends on a trip to Virginia Beach with Coastal Accomodations for a week! We have visited several beach towns on the east coast since living here for the last handful of years, but Virginia Beach was one we knew little about and were SO excited to explore!

If you’ve never been, Virginia Beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, restaurants, and so many fun things to do. It is a totally dreamy coastal city that is super family friendly and was perfect for all of the littles we brought along. However, the dreamiest part had to be the luxury town home with stayed at with Coastal Accomodations!

Coastal Accommodation’s gorgeous vacation homes are just blocks from the Virginia Beach oceanfront and could not be more lovely and relaxing. These stunning homes have four or five bedrooms, open concept custom kitchens, lofts for lounging and decks for relaxing. We had a larger group of three families with small children staying in our townhouse and with the three levels of spacious rooms and more than enough bathrooms we had just the right amount of closeness and space. Plus, these homes are beautifully furnished and modern but still felt so cozy and comfortable.

On top of the homes themselves, Coastal Accommodations is a full service property and with a concierge staff that can help coordinate local activities to make your stay unforgettable. I loved this feature since it felt like the perfect mix of a stay at an airbnb and a luxury hotel! This would be the perfect place to visit for a family reunion and I am already working on a scheme to get my extended family out here! With the mix of scenic and fun Virginia Beach as our setting and a Coastal Accommodations town home as our residence, it was the perfect combination for a magical week. Here’s a peek at what we did!

Our friends the Packer’s (who live in Philadelphia) and the Thompson’s (who live in North Carolina) from graduate school at Penn State came along with their little ones. All of our kids are similar ages, and these kids lived it up. It’s was a total party.

Every room of our Coastal Accomodations town home had the most beautiful and thoughtful touches. I was ready to move in for good. All of those decks off of all of the rooms had my heart exploding.

On top of the lovely interiors, the Coastal Accomodations town homes are beautifully landscaped and each has patios for relaxing. Or for playing tag. To each his own.

We took lots (I mean, LOTS) of naps in those coziest beds. Then we got up and ate chicken and waffles. Dream life.

It was a little chilly most of the days while we were there but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the gorgeous beaches! We hunted for sea shells, caught crabs, and made sand castles like it was 80 degrees.

We loved exploring on the pier and found the city itself to be really walkable which we love as New Yorkers! From the beach it was a short walk to many shops and restaurants and even a carnival that runs through the summer.

All the seafood, please!

These friends. I love them too much!

One gorgeous night we drove about 20 miles to Norfolk, VA, to the Waterside District! This had a little bit of a Chelsea Market vibe with cool restaurants and shops in this big industrial area on the water. We loved it and even got wrapped up in a big trivia night they were having where we lost. And lost. It was hilarious.

This iconic statue of Neptune is on the boardwalk on Virginia Beach and is a must see. It’s massive!

Girlfriends big + small! Love all these ladies and look forward to many years of forcing the little ones into being BFFs.

Ahhhhh. So dreamy.

I cannot recommend a trip to charming Virginia Beach enough and can’t wait to get back. Even with cooler temperatures it was the most fun! Plus, I’m pretty sure that a stay in the most barren wasteland would be lovely if there was a Coastal Accommodations town house to stay in. They are incredible and are the place you MUST go if you are thinking about a summer getaway on the east coast. Couldn’t be more magical. (For another peek at our stay, including a tour of the Coastal Accommodations town home we stayed in, head to our profile on Instagram and click on the first highlight with the image of the Neptune statue for lots of video!)

Where are you headed this spring break? We’d love to hear about it! And thank you, THANK YOU to the Coastal Accommodations team for the most wonderful time.

ox. Liz


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