Easy Fall Desserts: Delicious Pumpkin Pecan Bars

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There are so many fall flavors I love baking with, and I love them even more when I find ways to combine my favorites together. So today I am sharing the perfect synergistic recipe of two fall favorites, pumpkin cookies and pecan pie! Combining these two delicious fall flavors results in the most incredible pumpkin pecan bars – a new staple in my fall baking rotation. These pumpkin pecan bars are dense and gooey, with the perfect combination of crunchy, toasted pecans, and pumpkin! A special shortcut for the crust makes them SO easy to throw together. Keep scrolling for the recipe!

Easy & Delicious Pumpkin Pie Pecan Bars

Cookie Mix Shortcut

These taste just like classic pecan squares, with a bit of fall pumpkin infusion. I have a secret that I use that 1) gives these bars their pumpkin flavor and 2) makes the crust quick and easy to assemble. My secret is pumpkin cookie mix.

By using a cookie mix, you’ll only need two ingredients to make the crust – the mix and some butter. As a result, these take no time to throw together . . . but taste like you baked all day. You will be obsessed.

Pumpkin pecan bars cooling on a wire rack

Fridge or Frozen?

These pecan squares can be left to cool, and then left at room temperature if they are going to be consumed within a few hours. If you’re planning on waiting longer, they’ll last in the fridge for about three – four days. That should give you more than enough time to eat them!

If you want to freeze these bars, you can do that for up to three months. Just wait until they are completely cooled, then you can wrap them and place them in the freezer.

Are you ready to get this pumpkin pie pecan bar recipe? Keep reading to learn how you make them.

Pumpkin Pie Pecan Bars in a Glass Dish

Cutting into pumpkin flavored pecan barsPie + cookie perfection! It’s like a Saturday morning on a three-day-weekend, a PERFECT combination! YUM.

Pumpkin pie pecan bar on a wire rack

Stack of pumpkin spice pecan bars

Happy baking!
xo, Liz

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