Green & Purple Layered Smoothie Recipe

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You guys, I hate that we have to go here on a Monday of ALL the days, but if I don’t start eating some fruits and vegetables my bones are going to stop working and probably turn to dust or something (that’s how bodies operate, right, scientists?) So, today we are taking a (very) short break from our regularly scheduled posting of cookies and brownies (Read: VERY short. Like, there will be a new cookie recipe coming later this week. I gotta be me.), to bring you the prettiest smoothie recipe ever, which also happens to be delish and good for you!

These recipes are great because they are completely adaptable. You can use fruit you have on hand that is fresh or frozen and change them up depending on what you have around. Plus, you can make them layered like I did to give yourself lots of delicious flavor combos, or you can make them one at a time. I love using my immersion blender to make the layered kind, tossing everything in blending it up, then rinsing it out quick to make the second layer. It’s delicious and by far the most gorgeous smoothie you’ll ever drink. I mean, every little bit helps when it’s spinach and not Diet Coke in the glass. Here’s how you make it:


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Pretty, right? Nature knows how to do color. Plus, it’s legit delicious and I’m pretty sure that after you finish a glass you will have earned enough health credits that you can have 3-4 Blizzards and the sugar/calories don’t count. I mean, I’m not a nutritionist but that seems correct.

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What are your favorite smoothie ingredients and recipes? Give them to me! And happy spinach drinking! (Now back to the cookies.)

ox. Liz

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