DIY Halloween Costumes: Rollerblade Barbie

Barbie is THE costume of the season so we’re sharing our take on recreating the iconic rollerblade outfit from the fab movie! This costume can be made for kids and adults alike and couldn’t be more fun. Keep reading for all of the details!

DIY Rollerblade Barbie Costume

One of the best parts of The Barbie Movie was that it was jam-packed with eye-candy outfits, each one more delish than the last! And since it was rife with costume inspo we had to choose at least one to recreate for Halloween. Our pick? The neon-coated rollerblading outfit 80’s dreams are made of! 

How Do You Make a Rollerblade Barbie Costume? 

While plotting the methods we wanted to use to bring the costume to life, we considered tie dye or sewing a similar pattern of fabric to a leotard, but we knew we wouldn’t be able to get as close to the pattern from the Barbie Movie with those methods. As a result, we decided to use paint to be able to replicate the pattern with more exactness. To start, we ordered a leotard in a similar shape and color to Barbie’s along with a visor, then we used fabric paint (using paint that isn’t made for fabric could crack) to apply the pattern to the leotard and visor. This allowed us to have control over not only the pattern but also the colors used. 

Supplies Needed to Make a Rollerblade Barbie Costume 

Knee/Elbow Pads
Shoe Laces
Shoes (Similar)
Kicks Studio Shoe Paint
FolkArt Acrylic Paints in Red, Pink, Blue, Lime Green, and White
FolkArt Textile Medium
Paint Brushes 
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks
Lime Green Hoop Earrings 
Large Cardboard Piece

How to Make a Rollerblade Barbie Costume

(Watch us make the costume in our Instagram Reel!)

Step 1: In order to get the colors we wanted, we used a mixture of 1 part acrylic craft paint mixed with 2 parts textile medium to make fabric paint. This step is not necessary if you would rather use a premixed fabric paint, but we like the results of this method. 

Step 2: Slide a piece of cardboard into the leotard so the paint does not soak through the fabric. 

Step 3: Begin applying the paint to the leotard using a paint brush, saving the white details for last. Apply one coat of your desired pattern, then let dry completely before applying the next coat. (We did 2-3 coats depending on the color.) We followed the image below as a resource for the colors and pattern: 

Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling Rollerblade on 'Barbie' Set in Neon – Footwear  News

Step 4: Apply the steps in step 3 to the visor. Let paint dry between coats. 

Step 5: Once the colored areas have dried completely, use the end of the paintbrush handle to apply the swirly white dots. Let dry completely. 

Step 6: Remove laces from shoes and set aside. Apply a generous coat of Kicks Studio paint to the shoes using a paintbrush and let dry completely. Once dry, continue applying coats until your desired coverage is achieved. 

Step 7: Using cardstock, cut wheels and attach to the outer edge of the shoes using hot glue. 

Step 8: Replace the laces in the shoes (we replaced with pink laces like was worn in the movie.)

Once you have completed the costume and everything is dry, it’s time to accesorize! Add in the neon hoop earrings, elbow and knee pads and your costume is complete! Go, Barbie! 

What was your favorite outfit from The Barbie Movie? 

Happy Making!

ox. Liz and Sam 

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