DIY Coffee Filter Wreath

Learn how to make your own on-trend coffee filter wreath, perfect for embellishing with ribbon bundles for every season! Keep reading for all the details!

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath 

In the last year or so I started noticing these big, gorgeous, white, textured wreaths popping up on doors around my neighborhood, paired with ribbon bundles that complimented each season or holiday. Upon closer inspection, I learned that they were made at a local boutique in my area for over $100 and that they were made from coffee filters! So, as a DIY-er is want to do, I immediately grabbed as many coffee filters and glue sticks as I could carry at my local dollar store along with a wreath form from the craft store and set myself on a mission to recreate it for under $20. The result? You’d never know the difference between my wreath and those of my neighbors and my door has never looked better. You’re going to love making this wreath! 


The key to success with this wreath is the density of coffee filters. If you use too few you’ll lose the gorgeous, full texture of the boutique version and it will look more handmade. This means that you are basically glueing the filters on top of each other and squeezing as many together as possible in order to accomplish this effect. 


Wreath Form
Coffee Filters (I used around 1000)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

How to make a Coffee Filter Wreath 

Watch a quick video tutorial here:

Step 1: Begin my folding the coffee filters in half and then in half again. This will leave you with the filters in a triangle shape. Folding the filters this way adds density to the wreath as you glue them together. 

Step 2: Working from the inner rim of the wreath form, begin applying hot glue to the point of the triangle and press the filters into the form. Then, working your way from the inner rim of the wreath to the outer rim of the wreath, cover the wreath form with the triangle-folded filters, layering each on top of the one before. (You may have to push back some of the filters to make room for each row.) 

Tip: Since you want the filters to be densely packed and you are glueing them on top of each other to layer them, make sure that you are also applying glue underneath the filters to they are sticking to the wreath form as well as the other filters. 

Step 3: Once you have applied layers of folded filters all the way around the wreath, use scissors to trim down the wreath (I trimmed down about an inch). This will make the surface of the wreath more even, will make the filters look less like coffee filters, and will reveal the cool texture the filters create. 

Isn’t it gorgeous? From here you can attach ribbon bundles for every season or holiday to customize it, or leave it plain and let the texture of the coffee filters shine! 

Happy Making!

ox. Liz and Sam 

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