How to Make Daisy Mugs with Adhesive Vinyl

You don’t have to own a complex cutting machine to create unique projects and gifts using adhesive vinyl– a simple set of scissors are all you need! 

How to Use Adhesive Vinyl 

You know we love our cutting machines here at the PLG. They are a super helpful tool for cutting intricate designs or for cutting in bulk. However, if you are cutting simple shapes or for a small project, using scissors can be just as effective! If you don’t have a cutting machine you can use stencils, trace them on adhesive vinyl, cut with scissors and then apply. Or, if you are doing a simple shape that you can freehand, even better! 

Today we are making some trendy mugs by cutting daisies from vinyl freehand, then applying them to the mugs. So easy and unique with no fancy tech required! 


Plain Mugs (Ikea, The Dollar Tree, or the thrift store are great places to find these!)
Adhesive Vinyl in a variety of colors

Can you use adhesive vinyl on mugs and other dishes?

Yes! Permanent adhesive vinyl will hold up when hand-washed and can be run through the dishwasher, depending on your machine. And while, it is likely to not last forever on the mugs, we have mugs with permanent adhesive vinyl that were made years ago that still are in perfect condition. 

How to Make Daisy Mugs with Adhesive Vinyl 

Step: 1 If desired, use a pencil to draw your daisy design on the backing side of the vinyl. 

Step 2: Using scissors, cut out the daisy shape from one color of vinyl.

Step 3: Using scissors, cut out the circular center of the daisy from a contrasting color of vinyl. 

Step 4: Remove the backing from the circular vinyl pieces and apply them to the center of the daisy pieces. 

Step 5: Remove the backing from the daisy pieces and apply the daisies to the mugs, rubbing and applying pressure to ensure they are adequately adhered. 

 Now you can add simple adhesive vinyl designs to all kinds of surfaces, no cutting machine needed! And for more inspiration using craft-room staple, visit our archives, here

Happy Making!

ox. Liz and Sam

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