Reverse Tie-Dye Anti Valentine’s Day Shirt (VIDEO)

We have a major love for traditional tie dye and the vibrancy it can give to projects (See our tie dye bandanas here and our tie dye headbands here!), but have you ever tried REVERSE tie dye? We had no idea this method existed until we came across these Reverse Tie Dye Kits from Tulip, and we knew we had to try it out! It’s the most fun method, really similar to the standard variety, but instead of adding color, you are removing color from black fabric. The result is really cool, and adds the tiniest bit of edge to your projects, making it the perfect canvas for an anti Valentines Day shirt that expresses our truest feelings about who we’ll be spending love day with — TACOS. Let’s make it!

Supplies Needed to Make an Anti Valentines Day Shirt

Solid black tee
Tulip Reverse Tie Dye Kit
Tulip Fuschia 1-Color Tie Dye Kit  (Optional)
Bucket for dyeing
Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers

How to Make an Anti Valentines Day Shirt

Step 1. Twist your shirt into your desired shape. For example, we twisted ours from the center until it looked a little bit like a cinnamon roll. Then, secure twisted shirt bundle with the rubber bands included in the Reverse Tie Dye Kit.

Step 2. Put on the gloves included in the kit and prepare the dye according to package directions.

Step 3. Place the shirt bundle in a bucket or stainless steel sink. Squirt dye on the shirt until covered. Let sit until desired color is achieved.

Step 4. Remove the rubber bands and rinse shirt.

Step 5. If a bit of a pink hue is desired, prepare pink tie dye according to package directions. Return shirt to rinsed bucket and cover shirt in pink dye. Let sit until desired shade is achieved.

Step 6. Rinse dye from shirt and wash and dry according to package directions.

Step 7. Apply desired stencil to shirt. (Or, if you are more talented with a pen you can hand-letter your design!) Fill in the stencil using Tulip Opaque Fabric Markers. Let dry and apply another coat. Repeat until desired opacity is achieved. Remove stencil.

That’s it! Who needs a Valentine when you can have tacos, y’all! Now you can look real cute expressing what’s really in your heart and have a blast learning a new tie dye technique, too!

Have your ever tried reverse tie dye? What did you make? We’d love to hear all about it!

Happy making!
OX. Sam and Liz

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