A Unique Necklace Gift Idea with a Gold-Foiled Tag

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It’s gift-giving season, and as chronic gift over-thinkers, we’re always looking for new and meaningful gift ideas for our friends and family members. But it can be so hard to come up with something original year after year! So today we’re hoping to help out our fellow OCD gifters by sharing this necklace gift idea with a gold-foiled tag. It’s so fun to make, and would make any necklace-wearing friend, mom, aunt, neighbor, grandma, daughter, etc so happy! Keep reading for the tutorial!

Supplies needed to make your own Sparkle and Shine Necklace Gift

Glaminator gold foil
Black cardstock
Laser printer
Template (scroll to the bottom of the post for access!)
Necklaces (we used these monogram necklaces)

Step 1: Print the template (scroll to the bottom of the post for access) on your cardstock using a laser printer. An inkjet printer won’t work with foiling.

Step 2: Cover the printed design with the foil shiny side up. Secure with painters or washi tape, if needed. I like to cut just enough foil to cover my design so I don’t waste.

Step 3: Start the Glaminator, and set it to the foil (star) setting. It will take a few minutes to warm up, but once it beeps, it’s ready to go. Run the sheet through Glaminator. Once it comes out, let it cool completely. Then carefully remove the foil.

Step 4: Cut the cards following the template. I like to use a paper slicer to get straights lines for the card shape, and then I use scissors for the slits that hold the necklace.

Step 5: Attach the necklaces to the cards but laying the charm where you want it on the card, and then sliding the chain through the slits on each side. Gather the extra chain in the back and put a piece of washi tape over it to keep in place.

Happy gifting!
xo, Sam


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