Creative and Easy 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments

These 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments are sponsored by Astrobrights.
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Is your Christmas tree up yet? I always love asking this question around this time of year since it can be so strangely polarizing to people and I love a little bit of harmless holiday drama! It seems as though there are two separate and distinct Christmas tree camps: One who believes Christmas starts the day after Halloween and one who thinks you should be put in jail if you even THINK about Christmas until after the turkey is digested on Thanksgiving. I can go either way, but I love dipping my toe into some Christmas crafts during November so that I am ready to go hard once the spirit to fully decorate hits me. That’s why I’m excited to share a fun little Christmas ornament craft that you can make now so that it will be ready to make a statement on your tree, whenever it is that you put it up. We’re making 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments!

These ornaments feel like a magic trick because of the simple way they are put together and the big payoff you can get from paper! Plus, we are using our favorite cardstock from Astrobrights so the quality is great and the colors are vibrant! We found our Astrobrights paper at Staples (We used the Astrobrights Vintage Cardstock Paper and the Astrobrights White Cardstock Paper!) who also has a variety of holiday packs of Astrobrights paper for a limited time, which are perfect for all of your holiday crafts.

Now, get out that glue gun, turn on The Carpenters and let’s do some Christmas paper-crafting!

Supplies Needed to Make 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments:

Astrobrights Vintage Cardstock Paper
Astrobrights White Cardstock Paper
Craft Cutter (We use a Silhouette Cameo)
3D Santa Cube Design and 3D Reindeer Cube Design 
Hot Glue Gun + Sticks

How to Make 3D Paper Christmas Ornaments:

Step 1. Load the design into your craft cutter software. Since this design is meant for a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock, you’ll want to be sure to size it down to fit an 8.5 x 11 piece if that is what you’re using. Place your cardstock on your cutting mat and send to craft cutter to cut out.

Step 2. Once you have cut and weeded all of your pieces it’s time to assemble your ornaments. You can find a great in-depth tutorial on assembling them here if this is your first time creating a 3D paper project. Start by folding on the serrated lines of the colored piece to create the cube. Then, fold the serrated sides of the white cut-out pieces up, so that the pieces lay flat.

Step 3. Start gluing the white pieces onto the cube. For the Santa cube, start with the Santa piece, then the house piece, then the tree piece. For the Reindeer cube, start with the berry piece, then the reindeer piece, then the two Christmas trees, then the Christmas tree and the tree branch. Make sure the small hole for stringing the ornament is at the top. Align the first piece you are gluing with the circle and apply a line of hot glue on the folded flap. Press the flap onto the side of the cube, continuing to ensure that the circles align.

Step 4. Continue this process of gluing the white pieces in order to one side of the cube.

Step 5. Once all of the white pieces are glued to one side of the cube, glue them to the opposite side of the cube, continuing to make sure they align evenly with the circle.

Step 6. Close the cube by folding on the serrated lines on the colored pieces, adding a dot of clue to the edges, and sealing the cube shut.

Step 7. Cut a piece of string long enough to attach and hang on a tree. Loop the string though the circle at the top and tie off.

Hang on your tree and enjoy!

Aren’t they so much fun? It’s like building a little world inside a cube! And with all of the colors of Astrobrights paper, you can cover your tree with a rainbow of magical cubes!

How are you planning to decorate your Christmas tree this year? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Happy tree trimming!
ox. Liz

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