Secret Tiara Hair Extensions with Psykhe Hair

If you go back through the many years of images on this blog (although I strongly suggest that you don’t go past 2015 LOL), you may notice that I (Liz) have gone through many hair chapters. I have had all kinds of extensions (Halo, sewn in, clip in) in an attempt to add bulk to my sad strands, and add hair where I can’t get it to grow. And while they have (sometimes) looked great, a full head of extensions is heavy! And itchy! And takes a ton of maintenance! So, a couple of years ago I gave it up, feeling resigned to my thin-haired plight. However, a few weeks ago Sam came across Psykhe Hair Extensions on Instagram and we realized the hair extension game had changed and we wanted back in!

Pyskhe Hair Extensions was founded by the FAB Jannae Jensen who, after 10 years of doing hair in a salon, realized that clients were continually asking, not for fullness in the back of their hair, but on the sides and in the front around their face. She found herself encountering many women suffering hair loss around the front of their face because of age, postpartum, thyroid, damaged hair, etc. and knew there was a problem that needed to be solved! She realized that the market lacked a hair extension that offers a fuller fringe in the areas that seem to matter the most (the framing of the face), which led her to create and perfect the front halo Psykhe hairpiece!

After seeing the awesome things that Jennae was doing we knew we had to try out Psykhe extensions for ourselves! But, before you see how Pysykhe Extensions changed our hair, check out this video to learn more!
Here is our before, which doesn’t do justice to how broken and thin our hair is around our faces! We have high hairlines and fine hair that breaks easily, so the front of our hair is definitely the most damaged.

Jennae personally colored our extensions to blend with our hair seamlessly, then she came over to put them in for us!

Psykhe Extensions come on a nearly invisible wire with hair in wefts only where it will frame your face and fill in for hair loss and breakage.

After putting the extensions in, she pulls out your real hair to cover the wire so people will never believe the extensions weren’t your real hair!

Then, Jennae personally cuts you extensions to make them perfectly blend and match your hair length.

Annnnd…here’s the after! Honestly, we were both blown away by the experience of working with Jennae and Psykhe Hair Extensions. She is full of knowledge and skill and is SO much fun. She put us as ease immediately and taught us great tips for getting the most out of our extensions. We are truly obsessed with the results and can’t believe the difference they make! These extensions give us hair where there wasn’t much before, and because they are on the wire they are SO easy to put in and take out! They are so light and unobtrusive and can be taken out in a snap. How did we live before these babies!?

Use code plg10 for 10% off your order at Psykhe!
ox. Liz & Sam