Halloween Embroidery Hoop Wall Art Tutorial

This Halloween Embroidery Hoop project was originally created for Darice.

If you had to rate your level of Halloween decorating on a scale from 1 (putting a solitary pumpkin on your front porch) to 10 (setting up a full-fledged haunted house in your yard complete with a scary obligatory chainsaw man) where would you fall? I think I’m around a 3, but this year I want to try to take it up a notch while still doing it in a way that fits into my life/style. That’s why I loved making this Halloween Embroidery Hoop Art! They are just the right amount of spooky and simple and won’t make anybody jump. Here’s how you make them:

Supplies Needed to Make Halloween Embroidery Hoop Art

Halloween Anatomical Clip Art (must be printed with laser ink!)
Canvas Placemats
Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium
Foam Brush
Embroidery Hoops

1. Find and print your prints. I found mine on The Graphics Fairy  by searching for “vintage anatomy clip art” and had them printed at my local copy store. (Note: Mod Podge Photo Transfer only works if you print your images using laser ink. Most copy centers use that as the default if you do not have a laser printer at home.)

2. Cut out your images.

3. Apply a generous amount of Mod Podge Image Transfer Medium directly onto your image using a foam brush. Be sure to cover the entire image completely.

4. Turn over your image and lay it face-down on your canvas. Gently use your fingers to smooth the image and remove any air bubbles.

5. Let image cure for 24 hours.

6. After 24 hours, dip a towel or sponge in water and gently rub the back of the image in a circular motion, until the paper on the back of the image begins to rub off. Continue until the entire image is revealed. Let image dry for a few minutes and then repeat the process 2-3 times or until all of the paper is removed and the image is clear.

7. Place image inside an embroidery hoop and secure.

8. Cut off the excess fabric around the hoop with scissors and hang.

That’s it! Your wall is going to look very stylishly spooky! I love working with Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium because it creates so many possibilities for putting fun images on different surfaces, and it’s the perfect tool for adding just the right amount of scary to these minimal hoops.

What ideas do you have for Halloween decorating?


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