Best Pizza Party Ideas for the Most Epic Pizza Party Ever!

Today on Studio 5, we get to be a part of the exciting announcement that we are the new Party and Family Fun Contributors for season 14! We are SO excited by the opportunity and are bursting at the seams with ideas. We’ll be on a couple times a month to share a bunch of projects that inspire us, and we hope you’ll watch! To kick off our first segment as official contributors we decided to go where our hearts told us to, and that was pizza. We talked about our favorite pizza party ideas, and now we’re gonna dish out the details. Let’s PARTY.

Easy (and cheap!) Pizza Garland

We love a short cut when it comes to party decor and these pizza cut-outs from the school supply section at the dollar store made a quick and adorable garland! They are already pre-cut so all you’ve gotta do is punch a hole on each side, connect them with string, and hang!

Gummy Candy Kabobs

We are SO in love with candy kabobs. They are yummy, they are adorable, and they can be used as a centerpiece, an activity, AND a treat! See the full, detailed post here!

Printable Coloring Placemats + Crayon Boxes

As a parent, kids menus with an activity and a box of crayons at a restaurant are a total lifesaver and they are FUN, so we decided to make our own to match our party theme, and now you can too! Download the editable files, change the name, print, and add the coloring placemat and crayons to your table to make it extra adorable and to give tiny party goers something to keep their hands busy!

Felt Pizza Party Favors

If you missed our full post on making felt pizzas with customizable pizza boxes, you’ve gotta see the full post right here. Even adults can’t help but swoon over this adorable play food!

Mini Pizza Piñatas + Giant Pizza Slice Piñata

Another one of our favorite pizza party ideas are these piñatas! If you’ve never made homemade piñatas, now is the time! They are so easy and cost effective, plus you can customize them to any party theme! We’ve got a full, detailed post for these babies coming soon, and we know it’s gonna be a “hit”.

Personalized Aprons

Let your party goers feel like real chefs with these adorable aprons! We made ours with heat transfer vinyl, but you can make them with premade iron-on letters, or even a sharpie! Such a darling touch, especially if you opt for making individual pizzas at your party instead of ordering in!

There you have it! What ideas do you have for throwing your own saucy soirée? We’d love to hear!

Happy partying!
xo, Liz & Sam