Easy Game Day Snack: Football Snack Boxes

These Easy Game Day Snack Boxes were originally created for Consumer Crafts.

It’s game day party season for football fans, and every year I see the same sporty crafts in my Pinterest feed. Decorations in grass green and pig-skin brown, lots of striped table-settings that mimic referees, even chips and dips served in displays that look like little appetizer stadiums. Now, don’t get me wrong, any way you decorate/celebrate game day is the right way (especially if there are lots of finger-foods involved), but would it be a crime to make it cuter? I think there has to be, so I’m taking it upon myself to create a game day spread with some style this year, and I’m starting with the most important part: the things you put food in.

I’m making these DIY Game Day Football Snack Boxes that are easy to make, totally customizable to your favorite colors (or the colors of your team!), and they’re darn cute.

Supplies needed to make these DIY Easy Game Day Snack Boxes:

Unfinished Wood Baskets
Unfinished Wood Footballs
FolkArt Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Masking Tape
Hot glue gun + glue sticks

Step 1. Tape off the baskets to create rows of lines. You can make your lines as wide or thin as you’d like by cutting the tape to your preferred size.

Step 2. Paint the negative space between the tape. Apply two coats, then let dry completely.

Step 3. Once your lines are dry, carefully peel back your tape.

Step 4. Tape off your stitches on your footballs. Cut a narrow line to be the center of the stitches and apply to the football, using pressure. Then, cut small lines to go across the longer line. Apply to football and rub, using pressure.

Step 5. Using more masking tape, tape of your first section that you would like to paint with your first color. Apply two coats and let dry completely. Then, remove the paint, tape a new section, and paint with your next color. Repeat until you have created the shapes in the colors you would like.

Step 6. Once the paint on your football has dried completely, peel off your tape stitches.

Step 7. Apply hot glue to the lip of the baskets and attach footballs.

That’s it! Now comes the best part: filling them up with the good stuff! Just line these cuties with wax paper or tissue, fill with all the snacks your heart desires, and watch the game in style!

Happy football season, friends! I hope your team wins and your snacks are delish!
ox. Liz

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