How to Make DIY Mini Macrame Wind Chimes

This post was originally published in July 2019 and updated as of July 2022.

Macrame wind chimes are a great beginner macrame project! With just a few supplies and some knots, you can make beautiful outdoor decor.

How do you make macrame wind chimes?

I LOVE all the macrame and wall hangings and weavings that are so popular right now. But I had never tried any of it until I took a stab at it with these DIY Mini Macrame Wind Chimes! If you have ever made a friendship bracelet in your life, you can make this project – it’s so easy. Keep reading to learn how!

What you will need to make Macrame Wind Chimes

2 and 3 inch macrame rings
Split rings
Fishing line
Super glue
Masking or washi tape

How to Make DIY Mini Macrame Wind Chimes

Step 1: Measure and cut eight 115 inch (9 feet 7 inch) pieces of yarn. Cut one 5 foot piece, and one 2.5 foot piece.

Step 2: Line up the eight long pieces, find the center, and fold in half so you will have 16 pieces of yarn to knot. Tape a couple inches from the top to create a loop. Set the two remaining pieces of yarn aside.

Step 3:Follow the directions here to cover the loop with Larks Head Knots. You will start at the top and work down one side, and then repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Using your two remaining pieces of yarn, make a Gathering Knot to secure the loop. Trim off the excess yarn.

Step 5: Divide the yarn into four sets of four, and start knotting! I created two different patterns (you can see in the finished images), but you can come up with your own configuration of knots. Keep scrolling to see the types of knots I used. I kept it super simple and stuck with the Square knot and the Half Square Knot Spiral.

Step 6: Add the 3 inch rings to pull the strands apart, using a Square Knot. I also used a little super glue to keep the strands in place.

Step 7: When you are done knotting, tie your strands with a knot and cut off the excess.

Step 8: Attach your chimes to the split rings, and put them on the macrame ring. Again, I used super glue to keep them in place.

Step 9: Tie the small macrame ring on fishing line and attach to the loop at the top of hanger, making sure the line is long enough to allow the ring to hit the chimes.

Hang your chimes, and listen to those babies ring when the wind blows! And now that you’ve mastered these knots, you can make our DIY macrame keychains too!

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Happy crafting!
xo, Sam

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